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Monday, January 6, 2014

What I Got For The Holidays 2013

Ola! :D I'm sorry if this took a few days to be posted. I was busy with work and school, I'm feeling a little bit tired actually. Anyways, I shot these last night but I wasn't able to blog right after because I felt so drained. Don't worry, guys. I'm okay. I'm taking vitamins. Health is wealth, right? Haha! I'm not going into details on the items I will about to show you because I don't want this post to be lenthgy. I'm not bragging or anything like that. I just want to share the stuff that I got for the holiday.

As you can see at the title, it's "holidays" not "Christmas". I meant, during the holiday season. I received some of these earlier and some were on New Year. I bougth half of these for myself as Christmas gifts using the money I received from my salary and my brother. Thank you, bro! :) To tell you honestly guys, I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas because I usually don't get gifts. But, I was surprised of the number of gifts I received this holiday season. Your gifts are so much appreciated. 

A limited edition cologne. From my officemate.

A pair of shoes. Thanks, mama!

Baby Pink Uni Silver watch. So sweet of you, cousin. 

Pink Panther shirt from mommy. 

A loot bag packed with a prayer book, rosary bracelet and a turtle key chain. Thanks, officmate.

Gifts from another officemate. Loved your letter. It's my favorite. 

A charm bracelet from another officmate. This is really pretty. :)

A lace skirt that I bought from Gaisano.

Nail stones from Shop & Match.

Nail decorations from S & M as well.

Sivanna Colors mascara bought from Gaisano.

Nail lacquers with an eyeshadow palette. 

A fashion jelly watch. Loving the color so much.

A classic ring from Shop & Match. 

Elf Blush Brush. So excited. 

A monkey shirt. I'm a monkey myself. 

I'm looking forward to update again. Talk to you again so soon. Have a nice day. Be safe always. XOXO


  1. OMG! Your gifts!! I love them all! HAHA.They are so cute! Especially the jelly watch with Eiffel tower and your white shoes. :D Yes, you should really take vitamins. It's hard to miss school/work when you are sick. I,myself is still recovering from the flu. -_- Got lazy to go to the doctor to get my shot of flu vaccine. This is what I got. Hehe. Anyway, thank you for this post again. :) It's nice to be busy but try to relax from time to time. ;)

    1. Thanks, Camy! I'm feeling alright now. :) How are you? Get well soon, darling! <3