Sunday, October 28, 2018

New Local Makeup: Ever Bilena Pro Cheek Set

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          Ever Bilena is a local brand that sells makeup products for affordable price range. It's one of those brands that I bought first when I started wearing makeup (way back in college) and I remember that they don't have a lot of products compared now. I'm happy to see that they continuously stepping up their game and joining the bandwagon of on-trend makeup products. One thing I love about them is that they are also collaborating with celebrities like Kris Aquino but also stay on the attainable price range. Good job, EB!

        A few weeks ago, I saw from a Youtube content creator Kenny Malalad (Filipino Beauty Vlogger) a review on the new EB Pro Cheek Set Palette. I learned from him that this product, and the other products from this line, are exclusive for Robinsons Department Stores and Lazada. Anyway, I was really curious upon seeing the palette from the review and I bought it when I passed by the mentioned mall. I'm amazed that this only Php 189 and even cheaper than the blush/bronzer duo they have from another line. 

The Claims:
    • "Give your skin the appearance of natural radiance with a highlighter, blush and contour in sleek, travel compact."
    • "The color is intensely pigmented yet blend beautifully." 
    • "The shades are versatile for any skin tone."              

My initial impressions:
  • I love that the packaging is sleek because it is perfect for travelling
  • Two thumbs up for being paraben-free and cruelty free
  • The shelf life realistic  - most of powder face products take time to finish and this gives us 24 months
  • Versatile for all skin tones?? Really?
  • Intensely pigmented????? So I need to use it lightly then

         Upon swatching this unto my wrist, I'm kinda underwhelmed. I thought that these were supposed to be intensely pigmented and are versatile to all skin tones. They are looked subtle on the swatch and highly doubted that they could cater all skin tones. The product themselves are powdery and I barely saw pigment. 

          To be honest, I wasn't expecting a blinding highlight considering the price but this is barely a highlight. This actually a sheen - a sheen that is most probably will look nice on fair and light skin tones. I suspect that this highlight will not compliment on darker skin tones since it will look like a white streak on the cheek bones instead of highlight. 

          The blush from this palette seems to be disappointing as well; it looks lighter on skin and isn't that "intensely pigmented" at all. At the pan, it looked like neutral, muted pink that will look good on most skin tones. The truth is, it isn't. It looks like a light pink flush on my cheeks. I need to re-apple twice in order for the product to show up. Again, I highly doubt this will be visible on darker skin tone. 

          The contour is my favorite part of the palette! I love that this has neutral undertone yet still compliments my light skin tone with warm undertone. This shade kinda reminds me of the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer; it is neutral and looks good on all skin tones. I know this is supposed to be contour but this is also good as a bronzer. As you can see from the picture, I've already made a large dent.

           As you can see from the pictures, the products are barely visible on my skin. The highlight looks like a healthy sheen, the blush looks like a pink flush and the contour looks so natural. I love how these products look on my skin but they are almost total opposites to what they claim. I know I should be considerate with the price, but the claims drag this palette down. I'm grateful to Ever Bilena that they created affordable products but this just doesn't do what it claims.

          My heart is torn between this product because I like on my skin, but I cannot recommend it on everybody. I love that this is easy to use and it aims to help people to look professionally done because we barely see that on the local market. If they could expand their shade range, that would be great. I apologize for being brutal in the middle of the rave, but this just doesn't work for everybody. 

My Final Thoughts:

  • I love that this is affordable and fits the budget of students and young professionals
  • I wish that this could be attainable since some people doesn't have easy access on Robinsons Mall and some are aren't fond of online shopping
  • The products themselves lasts only a few hours and needs to be re-applied at the middle of the day. 
  • Again, I'm disappointed by the shades  - aren't for all skin tones
  • I recommend this if you're a beginner and just practicing (again, not for all skin tones)
         That's it for my review of this new palette from Ever Bilena. If you have tried this palette and have different thoughts about this, please let us know by leaving a comment. I hope this post helped you in deciding whether to buy this palette or let it pass. Please stay tuned for more contents and thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day! XOXO

Sunday, October 7, 2018

MAX & MORE Burgundy Makeup Palette

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         Hey, guys! I'm back with another review on a makeup palette that I picked up 3 weeks ago. As I was strolling my a local Robinsons Mall, I stumbled upon this MAX & MORE Burgundy Palette. I was shocked when I found out that this a European brand, though it is made in China (like most of our palettes). The thing that shocked me the most is the price, it's only Php 199!

        This palette contains 6 eyeshadows (all shimmer), 1 face highlighter, 1 blush (satin) and 1 bronzer (with gold glitters). That is a total of 9 products for Php 199! Wow! 

         I immediately bought this palette because I wanted to try and see if this affordable works. The packaging feels sturdy for its price and you get decent-sized products. The layout of this kinda reminds of the the Revolution Euphoria Eyeshades & Contouring Palette, except that it has mirror on the lid. I haven't tried bringing this palette to a trip but I can think that it can fit medium-sized makeup bags.

         If I'm being honest, the eyeshadows seem to be disappointing. I know I shouldn't be expecting anything amazing since this a really cheap palette, but I have used some palette with the same price but has nicer quality than this. Anyway, as you can see from the swatches, the eyeshadow are kinda sheer and look identical with one another. This sucks because I need at least 2 matte shadows to create a nice eye look.  A thing I also notice about this palette is that it doesn't contain a legit burgundy shade, which is funny since this palette is called "Burgundy Palette". This palette could've mixed the 2nd and 3rd shadow to create a baby pink lid shade and included a matte (instead of shimmer) burgundy shade to deepen the look. 

         The face products give me the opposite feeling and I love all of them. The bronzer is buildable, blendable, doesn't look muddy on the face and glitters are so fine it isn't visible. The blush gives a bright pink flush and it has a satin finish. The highlighter looks nice and give a nice glow even though it looks thick and textured on the swatch.

         The pictures on top and bottom show how the face products look together on my skin. What do you think, guys? I really love this products since they feel like they melt into my skin and that I don't have to worry about looking overdone. 

         I tried using the 5th and 6th eyeshadow to make a smokey burgundy eyes but it looked not so pigmented and muddy. I used a shadow stick to darken the dark brown eyeshadow because it isn't dark enough. 

          These eyeshadows aren't working nicely at all and and takes time to build up. How I wish they made a separate palette for the blush, bronzer and highlighter since I don't mind paying Php 199 for it. I understand that this palette intends to be an all-in-one product, it's just that the eyeshadows suck. I apologize for the term but these shadow really just don't do anything. :)

        Overall, I think this palette is worth the price that I paid for. I know I don't like the shadows but the face products are really worth paying for. I know the shades on this palette won't really suit our friends with darker skin and so won't say that I recommend this for everybody. If you have similar skin tone like mine and would like to try this palette, go ahead and try this palette. 

        That's my overall thoughts about this palette and I hope I have covered everything I wanted to say about this palette. I recently bought a lot of makeup products to try and review and hoping to post them as soon as I can. If you have tried this product and have a different opinion about this palette, please enlighten us by leaving a comment. Thank you so much for stopping by and I will be back soon. Have a nice day! XOXO

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Lots of Love Supernatural Matte Eyeshadow Palette - Everyday Grey Smokey Eyes

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          Hello! How's everybody doing? I've been inactive for the past 3 months. I'm sorry, I was busy with work. I've done lots of travelling and had so much fun. I will actually be leaving for Palawan tomorrow for another work trip and I have decided to post before I leave. Anyway, I will be talking about this Lots of Love Supernatural Matte Eyeshadow; it's swatches, how it applies, how I use the palette and such.  

          These matte palettes have been out since last year and a lot people raved about them. Since I'm always late on trend (haha!), I just bought this palette this year. I have seen other variety of this line, I have even swatched the green palette and they gave Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture vibes. I was the fence about what should I get first but this smokey palette was calling my name. They grey matte shadows in this palette are so appealing and unique to me so I got this first. 

          A lot of people may be thinking that this is such a boring palette. Yes, it definitely it is. It such a basic though, plus you rarely see grey matte shadows with great quality. I am the type of person who love to wear smokey looks on a daily basis because it's my aesthetic. I love Gothic or dark vibes. 

          The eyeshadows are a bit chalky to be honest, and have a lot of kick back once brushes dipped onto them. The swatches look like they are not pigmented but they are actually pigmented. What I love about this eyeshadow is that I don't a lot to get a lot. The blend smoothly and doesn't disperse into thin air. The can be built-up for intensity. 

         This palette includes the following eyeshadows: (1) white, (2) blue grey, (3) light grey, (4) medium grey, (5)  navy blue grey and (6) dark grey. The only wish I have is that instead of white eyeshadow, they should've made a beige or skintone that can be used to set an eye primer and a really really black eyeshadow to intensify the smokiness of this palette.

            I have been playing with this palette for quiet a while, as you can the dents on some of the eyeshadows. My favorite shade would have to be medium grey because it is the perfect crease or an overall lid color. I will actually be sharing how I use this palette in a few seconds.

               This look that I will about to share is inspired by Avril Lavigne's look her music video My Happy Ending. She wore a like an all over the lid grey eye look with black eyeliner on her tightline and waterline. I just love it is simple but defined her eyes and made them pop. I told you guys, I love smokey looks!

       I am actually trying this method of doing my eyes first before putting on foundation and doing my face. Please excuse my pores and other blemishes popped out while doing this demo. I used the medium grey as my crease shade and blend some on my outer-V. Then, I applied the dark grey shade on my outer-V and blend the two shades together. I did this process like three times because I want slowly build up the smokiness. You always be careful doing a smokey look because you don't want to look like somebody punched you. Haha! Always remember to build the colors and blend. 

          Once I'm satisfied by the smokiness, I applied the light grey shade all over the lids. I topped my lids with a beige shimmery shade. Avril's eye look on the music video kinda look like her lids has shine so I decided to pop some shimmer on my lids. 

          After doing the top part of my eyes, I finished the rest of my face. The I applied the medium grey shade on my lower lash line. I feel like this is necessary since it balances the look and connects the eyes. Don't forget to blend the eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Remember, blending is everything.  

         Here's closeup look of the eye look I just made. I think it looked better with my full face done. Haha! How I wish I have a better camera so that the shades will really pop into the photos. I'll try to save for a nice camera. :)

         This is what the eyes look like outside the house. It definitely looks darker, which I really love. I finished the look by applying black eyeliner on my tighline and waterline and applied some mascara. I love this natural look! No drama going on, is very wearable and comfortable on my opinion. I'm living for defined eyes and Jeffrey Star vibes. <3 p="">

       So, this is the finished look. Please excuse the background. There's a trash in the back. Sorry! :D I finished the whole look using the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in shade Sorbet. I think it matched the eye look pretty well. Again, no drama just chill vibes. I also love this gloss because it lasts a long time if you don't eat, it doesn't fade and isn't "annoying sticky".  

        What do you think of this look, guys? Do you like it or hate it? Please let me know so I could improve my future makeup demonstrations. I wouldn't call them tutorials since I don't consider my self a beauty guru. Haha! I totally recommend this palette if you are looking for great quality grey matte eyeshadows. LOL Cosmetics amazed me again and I'm looking forward to purchase their other eyeshadow palettes. For Php 219, I got no complains. This is amazing! Super budget friendly. 

         I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be posting more soon since I getting inspired to blog again. :) If you anything to share, any suggestion or any anything, please leave a comment bellow. I really love interacting with my readers and visitors. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a nice day! XOXO

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pan That Palette Update #4 + Project Pan Porn

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          Hello, people of the internet! How y'all have been doing? Mine's pretty much the same; doing the same routine I had for years -- work, travel and home. It's been a while since I posted an update on my Pan That Palette and so I decided to do one today. I also included my Project Pan Porn on this update because they are the same thing; panning eyeshadows and see what I can finish this year. For those of you who hasn't heard of what Pan That Palette is about (which I highly doubt), it is a year-long project pan where you pick an eyeshadow palette or any makeup palette and try to finish all of them when the year ends. I have chosen the I Heart Makeup #SELFIE Palette for this year. I have started this project November last year and this palette looks full and pretty new. 

          Before I talk about my recent progress, let's just take a on what my palette looked like on the past months. I have actually hit pan on the chocolate brown shadow before I started this project. So I used to have 9 shadows to hit pan on and now there are only 4 shadows left to hit pan on. My ultimate goal for this palette is to use this up at the end of 2018. I'm not really sure if I can reach that goal but if ever that I won't, I will just be happy hitting pan on all of the shadows and declutter this. This of my oldest palettes, I bought this as a birthday gift for myself last 2016. Anyways, let's get right into the recent update. 

          I am proud to say that I have finished #CHOCFIX (matte chocolate brown) shadow. Yay! This was my favorite shadow on this palette and I'm kinda sad that it's gone. I fully aware that there are still bits of eyeshadow left but I'm going to repress them because there's not enough left and I just to use other shadows. I need to find a dupe for this because I loved the shade so much and is the perfect transition shade for most of the eye look that I create or wear. I have also widen the pan on the shadows that I have previously hit pan on. 

          I don't have any specific goals for the next update as I have already hit pan on the majority of the shadows. As of this update, I am close to hitting pan on the blue gray shadow. I'm feeling it. Haha! I'm actually having trouble using this shadow since it looks more blue on the lids and I'm not comfortable wearing blue shadows for work. It feels too bold for office. If you have any suggestions on how to wear this blue gray shade in a subtler way, please let me know. :) If you also have this palette and created looks with it, please share how you those looks because I'm willing to try anything. 

          As for my Project Pan Porn update, I have hit pan on shadow Boxed from the Sleek Oh So Special Palette. I have used this as my eye brow powder because it matched my brown hair. I have burgundy hair now, by the way. It's a matte medium brown shade that is also nice a crease shade for everyday looks. I am also close to hitting pan on the shade Bow (matte cream) because I use it daily to set my eyeshadow primer. I love this shadow because it doesn't crease all through out, like it doesn't fade and move around my oily eyelids. I am planning to do a look using only this palette and I might do a tutorial on it. What do you guys think?

          I have also hit pan on the matte pinky mauve shadow from the Ever Bilena Brown Palette. The quality of this eyeshadow is okay but that matte mauve shadow is the perfect transition shadow for my cool toned eyeshadow looks. I'm obsessed with this! It  blends smoothly and shows up on the eyelids even when blended with darker crease shadows. I also love this palette because I can create looks with it without reaching for other palettes. If you are living in the Philippines and just started getting into the makeup world, grab this one. Especially if you love cool toned or smokey eye looks. :)

          To conclude this update, I have hit pan on a total of 8 shadows out of 18. It's already June and I have 6 months left to work on my Project Pan Porn. I am not worried though; I wear makeup on most days and I love eyeshadows I have which excites me with this project. I still enjoy these palettes, I'm still inspired and I am still motivated. I have never been this genuinely happy wtih my project pans. I don't know, I just feel inspired and motivated. 

          That's all for this update. I hope you enjoyed this post and made you feel motivated with your project pans. If you have any tips, tricks or hacks on how to pan eyeshadows, please let us know. We would really appreciate those! :) I have more makeup related ideas to post so stay tuned for that. Thank you so much for reading and stopping by. I will talk to you soon. Have a nice day! Stay safe. XOXO

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Neutral Everyday Look Using Essence Makeup + More (Epic Fail)

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          Hi everyone! First of all, I wanna say thank you to all the people who visit this little beauty corner on the internet and read my posts. I'm so near to 100,00 views and I get like 50-80 views per day. Oh my gosh! I'm so happy this blog is growing. :) I owe this all to you and I'm grateful for all the time you spend reading my posts. Secondly, I want to apologize for not posting regularly, I'm busy at work and I just want to chill on weekends. :)

           Recently, I have been buying a lot of Essence makeup products and I actually planned out to do a full face makeup using them. I have collected a few of their products except for their foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer. I took pictures step by step (not really) on how I achieved this simple everyday makeup look using Essence makeup products and some other stuff from the drugstore. These pictures aren't edited so may see the blemishes on my skin and my pores. Since I don't have a photographer, I took the pictures myself and some of them are in really awkward angles. Haha! If you are interested in this content. just keep on reading. :)

        I was just fresh from the shower when I took this picture. I have no makeup on, just toner and moisturizer. I have recently accumulated pimple scars because I have been breaking out since January; I have been using this toner from the local market and I think that's the one causing the breakouts because when I stopped using it (like a week ago) my breakouts stopped. Do you have any recommendations for toner that is good for oily skin? Please let me know. :)

          I did my face first before jumping into the eyeshadow part. You know, people have different techniques and ways on how they apply their makeup and for me, doing the base first is really convenient. I use the most basic stuff on my face makeup since I don't want to put too much on my oily skin. I used the Missha Layer Blurring Primer (silicone-based), then the L.A. Girl Peach Corrector, then the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation (128 Warm Nude), and the The Saem Tip Concealer (Rich Beige). I like the foundation but emphasizes the imperfections on my skin. I mean it's good, but it will only look good if you only have a flawless skin. Since this post is focused on Essence products, I decided to bring this All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder. I love the absorptive capacity of this powder to sebum and it feels light to the skin. The only problem I have with this is that it leaves a white cast on the face. I'm not sure if this would work on darker skintones, wishing they would expand the shade range. What do you think guys?

          Next, I applied this Lots of Love Cosmetics Bronzing Powder (Brown Sugar) on my temples, cheeks and jaw lines. I like this bronzer because it gives warmth to my pale face. This bronzer is warm, a little bit orangey, which is okay for me because it compliments my light yellow skin. It's blendable for subtle warmth, and also buildable for to give warmth on darker skin tones. I recommend this one! :)  

          I applied a pink blush from the The Balm Autobalm Calirfornia License Palette (a project pan item) on top of the bronzer. Since I only have the Essence Pure Nude Hightighter (Be My Highlight), I used it as my highlight (duh, obviously). This has been cult favorite, ever since KathleenLights raved about this. It gives a subtle, glow within sheen that is suitable for fair-medium skintones. I am not really sure if this will show darker skintone, I haven't seen anyone who wore this highlighter. I think this is suitable for everyday use though it appears to have a lot of product on the pan. I have this for almost a year now and I haven't hit pan yet. This product seems endless, but it is only 6.5 grams. Anyways, I included this for my Project Pan this year and I aim to hit pan on this by the end of the year. Have you tried this? What are your thought about this product?

          Since my face is completely done, I proceeded to my brows. My brows are quite sparse and I need a powder to fill it in and it a shape. I am currently using the shade Boxed from the Sleek Oh So Special Palette. It is a matte medium brown shade which is currently perfect match for my hair color right now. I love how this shadow lasts long on my brows, withstanding the heat and sweat. To set my brows, I used the Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara (Browny Brows). I haven't tried many brow mascaras before, but I gotta say that this is my favorite. It makes my brows stay in place all through out the day. I love that the applicator is small and it really gets to every strand of my brows. The product could be a little bit messy, so I suggest scraping off the excess product back into the tube and gently apply the product onto the brow. How I wish they would expand the shade range because this is really 

          After doing the brows, I proceeded to the eyes. I applied my favorite eyeshadow primer which is the elf Eyelid Primer (Sheer) and set it with a matte cream eyeshadow. Since the eyeshadow palette that I have from Essence does not contain any matte shadows, I grabbed my I Heart Makeup #SELFIE Palette and used the shade #Chocfix (matte chocolate brown) as my crease shade. I thought this was the perfect crease shade since the palette I used was chocolate-themed. 

          For lid shadows, I love to use my flat synthetic eyeshadow brush. You can find a set of this Bamboo Makeup Brush Set anywhere on Shopee. :)

          I dipped my brush on the taupe shadow and applied it all over my lids. This shade leans more on the on grey-taupe combination with fine silver glitters. I love how this shadows are so compact, doesn't have fall-outs and easy to apply. As you can see on the photo above, I was careful not to go beyond my crease line. We people who have hooded eyes know that eyeshadows on the lids transfer on crease quickly. Don't worry, guys. I have blended the shadows and didn't leave a gap.

          I took a pencil brush and smoked out my outer-v with dark the brown shadow. I blended the shadows with a slanted eyeshadow brush. Blending is everything!

          After blending the eyeshadows on the crease and lids, I proceeded to the lower lash like. I used the 2 brown shades on the first row since I wanted to include them on this look. They didn't do anything special to this look; I find it necessary to put something on the lower line in order for it make it look put together. Lastly, I used the beige eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. Don't forget, blend the shadows on the lower lash line a well. You don't want any harsh, unclean shadows on your eye makeup. 

          This is the finished eye look that I made. I know this so plain and boring but this is kind of a try-on post so there's nothing special here. I just wanted to share how this products look and work. I apologize if the saturation of my photos are low, I used natural lighting! I don't have any professional  equipment to take pictures. 

          Since I didn't have any liquid liner to use, I decided to tightline my upper lash line instead. I used the L.A. Girl Endless Eyeliner (Very Black) for tightlining. On my water line, I used the Essence Gel Eye Pencil (Gunmetal). You guys, I really really love this two eyeliner! Both are easy to apply, doesn't smudge, waterproof, and has decent staying power. I'm also loving this tightlining technique recently since I'm not really good in applying liquid eyeliner. I suck at them! Haha!

          Then I grabbed  the only lip liner from Essence that I brought on this trip. Wait, what?? Where's your mascara, Sylden? Are you forgeting something? Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to bring mascara on this trip! I wasn't going to be so dramatic but I was disappointed because this was the only time I got a chance to do a try-on for my blog. Damn! Anyways, past is past. Shall we proceed? As I was saying, I applied a lip liner in the shade Red Blush on put it all over my lips. 

          Since I only have one lipstick from Essence, I didn't have any other choice. I used the Sheer and Shine Lipstick (15) on top of the lip liner. This lipstick matches the lip liner pretty well and created a wine red lip color. This lipstick is so hydrating and smells like chocolate. It's so good!

          And that's the finished look. Did you like this? I hope you like this epic fail, no mascara makeup look. Haha! I also realized that the toner I was using at this time was the one causing my skin to peel and clog my pores. I'm sorry for the messy face! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you want to see more posts like this. I admit, I rarely post about my makeup looks. I feel like everyone is doing them already and me doing this feels being redundant. I have more stuff to post so stay tuned for that. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'll talk you soon. XOXO