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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Turning 24: Simple Birthday Celebration, Face Of The Day and Giving Away My Birthday Coupons

Simple Celebration

          I turned 24 last August 7, 2016. My birthday's celebration was simple; my mama and cousins cooked some dishes for lunch and we had cake, ice cream and a dessert for snacks. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a celebration at all since I'm now jobless for two months and celebrating my birthday was kind of expensive. Haha! I was fortunate and very thankful to my aunts and mommy who sent me money for which was in time for my birthday. I wasn't even expecting a cake for my birthday since I didn't have any plans at all. Anyways, that cake from the top was sponsored by my aunt from Manila. She sent my mama money and told her to give me some so I could buy some food for my birthday. So, there's the cake. :)

          A day before my birthday, my granny gave me two native chickens (which she has bred herself) and told my mama to cook Binakol (local chicken soup recipe) and Adobong Manok. You know guys, native chickens are much more tastier than the chickens from Manila. Try visit Iloilo sometime and look for these food. ;P Then, my cousin in-law cooked the Pancit Bihon (local noodle recipe) with stir-dried vegetables and squid balls. Yumminesssssssss! He also cooked the pork barbecue. This was like the best lunch I ever had this year! It was my family's recipes and they're all home cooked. Felt so nutritious! :D

          My cousin bought me Mango Cake from Red Ribbon which was so good; it wasn't so sweet and it was perfect. The other cake, which I featured above, was a Chocolate Cake from JoyCakes which is being sold at Bread & Butter. Then, that coconut with gelatin you see is a local dessert called Buko Pandan. You have probably heard about this but you've tasted one so good you won't stop eating. Out of all the versions I've tasted, my mama's recipe is still my favorite. I'm so proud! :D 

          Then, I also bought an 2-in-1 ice cream in Cookiies N' Cream and Double Dutch flavors. These are my favorites flavors of all time! I'm about to blow the candle in this picture. :) As you can see, there's nothing fancy in my outfit and it's not enough for an Birthday OOTD post. Well, I just stayed home all day during my birthday and there's no point of dressing like I'm going out. Haha! 

          This is the most exciting part of my 24th Birthday ever! It was already 5 pm and I was replying to the greetings on Facebook when the owner of a local restaurant/bar messaged me to get my free pizza at The Main Street. I was like: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?". I couldn't believe an owner of restaurant will give a free pizza on my birthday. I was happy and thrilled because this never happened before. OMG! Haha! I logged out immediately and went to To he Main Street, waited for 20 minutes for the pizza to be cooked, went home and ate a slice for dinner. What a happy tummy I had! :D I don't know what flavor or creation they gave me but it was one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten in my life. I'm not even kidding. It has this meaty and garlicky taste with hams, mushrooms and milky cheese sauce. It's all greatness! #pizzaislife

Face Of the Day

          For my birthday look, I opted for brown smokey look. It was inspired by a vlogger that I used to watch years and years ago; the vlogger made a party look where she out dark brown shadow all over the lids and a light beige shadow on the crease. I thought it was pretty and unusual from the looks that I have seen so I tried it for my 24th birthday. 

            Most of the products I used are the makeup items I included in my Products I Want To Use Up in 2016 Challenge. I used the Elf matte brown shade for my transition, a shadow from the Revlon Shadow/Liner Palette in Naturally Glamorous for the crease, and a dark brown shadow with gold glitters from the The Balm California Autobalm Face Palette for the lids. Then, I used a kind of burgundy shade for my lower lash line, a highlighter pencil from Essence Cosmetics for the waterline, a brown liquid liner from LOL Cosmetics for the upper lash line, and the San San Thick Lash Waterproof Mascara for the lashes. 

         I used a matte peach blush and mixed it with the Elf blush in Tickled Pink. I love the combination because it showed up on the picture. Nice! :D For the lips, I used the San San Lip Liner in Pink as a base, then dabbed the Revlon Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine on my lips, and topped it with the Clinique Different Lipstick in a Different Grape. 

         This is the look that I came up with. I apologize if my photo is washed out; I only use natural lighting. This look looks good in person and I mom complimented me for it. Haha! If only I have a good camera for tutorials, I will definitely demonstrate on how I achieved this look. :)

My Birthday Coupon Codes

          Over the past few days, I have received coupon codes for my birthday sent by companies stores that I'm currently subscribed to. Since I don't have all the money to splurge for my birthday, I was thinking maybe I could give away my codes so it won't go to waste and I could make somebody happy. So, here I am, giving away my discount codes. :) Click the store's names for the links. 

        P.S. Some of these codes might be good for 1 use only. If the code doesn't work anymore, it means somebody might have availed the discount already. :) *means it's a referral link. 

ZALORA Philippines*

The code will expire on August 11, 2016. Hurry up!

          Those are the things I wanted to share about my birthday. I can never thank enough my family, boyfriend, friends, workmates, readers, and everyone who loved and supported me all throughout my 24 years of existence in this world. Thank you for always being there for me and your continuous support is always appreciated. This is one of the best birthdays I had in so many years! <3 :d="" p="">

          I will be posting my birthday haul soon and I will be introducing a site that I know you all will love. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this post. Your thoughts, suggestions, reactions and requests are welcomed by leaving a comment down below. I'll talk to you next time. Have a great day. Stay safe! XOXO

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