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Sunday, August 21, 2016

💙💜 Turning 24: Birthday Haul 💜💙

          Hi, guys! I'll be sharing with you today the gifts I received and makeup products I shopped at Zalora for my birthday. My birthday was last August 7 and I posted about my simple celebration and makeup of the day on my last post which is the Turning 24: Simple Birthday Celebration, Face Of The Day and Giving Away My Birthday Coupons. I actually didn't receive many gifts for my birthday since it's not really a norm for my family and friends, but I did receive some stuff from my cousin and my mom's friend. My biological parents and my aunt from the USA sent me some money so I shopped some of it as birthday gifts for my self. I'm am no way bragging and is really thankful to the people who have showered me their blessings on my birthday. I'm not making this post very long so I'll jump right to it. :)

          Two days before my birthday, I was at the mall and strolled around Watsons and rummaged through some of the makeup products. By the way, there's this Lipstick Sale going on in SM where most lipsticks are on sale until September, in honor of the Lipstick Month. I didn't get any lipsticks because I have a lot already. Haha! Anyways, I bought this Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette because a lot of Pinay beauty gurus, vloggers, and bloggers are raving about these products. I got this for my birthday because I wanted to see if this really nice as what these people are talking about. I'm not gonna talk about the quality of these shadows because I will be doing a separate review post soon. This palette is being sold for Php 150

          Then I got this Moonlight Magic Body Mist from Bath and Body Works which was given to me by mama's friend. I met her like 2 months ago and she already have given me gifts for my birthday. What a nice lady! I'm really thankful that she thought of giving me a present. :) Anyways, I sprayed this quite a lot of times and I like the smell. The type of smell that I like; It's kind of sweet but not overwhelming, like something a lady of my age should smell like. Haha! 

          Then, she gave me these plaid or checkered handkerchiefs from brands Pierre Cardin and Armando Caruso. I love collecting hankies! I don't have multi-colored hankies in my collection, so these would be nice addition. Thank you so much for these gifts! :D

          Of course, I have had a makeup shopping in order to celebrate fully my birthday. Haha! A week before my birthday, I browsed Zalora's website to see if there were great sales on the beauty section because I wanted to try the brands I've tested before. I was actually waiting for my birthday code, they send me coupon codes every year, so that I could have had some shopping spree. The code wasn't sent until 4 days before my birthday. So, I couldn't wait for the code and just ordered right away because I cannot miss the July in Christmas sale.  

          My package a day before my birthday and I was so excited to see the products I bought. I appreciated that Zalora had packed the things I purchased in a bubble wrap. To be honest, I'm really impressed by the way they pack the makeup products they have shipped to me. My last experience with them is kind of not so good. Haha! :) I only got three things and 1 of them is for my mama. 

          One of the things that I bought is this Touch In SOL In the Skin Renovation BB Cream. The main reason why I got this BB Cream is for its discounted price; it was Php 600+ down to Php 206.40. Quite a bargain, eh? I think that this  is already sold out since I couldn't find this on the website anymore. I have tried this a few times already and I'm liking this BB Cream so far. Not the most compatible for oily skin, but not a bad one either. 

          The best thing about this product is that it comes in a gigantic tube with pump applicator. It doesn't look cheap and has a lot of product in it. This is a legit Korean BB Cream and I recommend you try this one. I'm not gonna go into details because I will reviewing this as soon as I can have my concrete and precise thoughts about this product. :)

          The next thing I bought is this Slogan Range #SELFIE Palette by I Heart Makeup, which is actually a baby company of Makeup Revolution. I love how they packed this with a bubble wrap on its own. Yay! 

          It comes with a mini glittery eye primer which I think is so cute. I haven't really tried this product yet so I can't tell much. I will be doing a review on this palette as well and I hope you stay tuned for that. 

          The packaging of this palette is quite heavy, especially the mirror that comes with it. As you can see in the photo, the cover is in like a holographic picture, which changes when you flip it up and down. What do you call that thing? I forgot! Haha!

          When you open this palette, there's a plastic with the names of the shades covering the eye shadows. Don't they have cute names? I've swatched this once and I can say that they are one of the most pigmented eyeshadows in the whole world. The metallic shades are so pigmented, jam-packed with glitters and is reflective. Oh my gosh! I can't play with this palette and show you the swatches. This retails for Php 550. 

         Lastly, I bought this Maybelline Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick in 625 Are You Red Dy. This lipstick is actually for my mama. She is running out of red lipstick and so I thought of buying. My mama only uses red lipsticks and I was thinking that she would love this shade. She told me it was too red for her when she applied it on her lips though. Haha! This is Php 299 if you are wondering. 

          The last thing I received was this Cotton On The Scoop Shirt in the Surf The Web (royal blue)  from my cousin. I love this so much because this is my favorite color. This just your basic tee that you could almost pair with anything. It's so comfortable to wear on and I recommend checking this out. This particular color is still available on Cotton On's US website and it's on sale for $5. What are you waiting for? Buy now! :)

            Those are the things I have hauled and received for my birthday. My brother will be coming home from Macau next month and he said that he has something for me. Should I make a Birthday Haul Part 2? What do you think? Haha! Please be reminded that I'm trying to brag or anything. I'm just being grateful for all the people who gave gifts for me because I really do appreciate the thought. :) 

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          I hope you enjoyed this post as I was happy when I received these items. If you have any requests, please let me know. I will be so glad to make a post for you about a certain topic. Your comments, reactions, and suggestions will always be welcomed. I will be having some review posts soon and I hope you'll hang around for those. Thank you so much for reading and passing by. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO

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