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Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Shoes + OOTDs (Thursday & Friday)

           Ola! :D How are you doing my dear readers? Are you having a great time like me? Haha! I don't know what's gotten into me, but I just suddenly enjoyed being busy. It seems like I've been taking tons and tons of Enervon. Haha! Okay, I'll stop laughing. :) I don't have anything special to post for today and I hope you can bear OOTDs for a mean time. Is that okay, guys? Don't worry, I'm planning something for the upcoming Valentine's Day, maybe a series. It just really depends on my schedule. And, speaking of V-Day, I'm so excited! For the first time on my entire existence, I got so excited for the said occassion. I don't the exact reason why. I'm just feeling happy and positive right now. I'm surprised of what's happening to me lately. But whatever it is, it's making me light-hearted and productive. :)

           So, for today's post, I'll be featuring my favorite pair of shoes as a continuation of the 30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge. Even though this is supposed to be over a month ago, I'm still doing it because I don't have any plans of quitting. :) Without further ado, I'll get started...

           My favorite pair of shoes is a glitter tennis shoes that I bought from SM Department Store. It's pretty cheap; I got it for only Php 249. I love how it matches on my various outfits. I've worn to work and parties and stayed intact. I guess it's a good quality despite of the price. It's definitely a steal.



          Before I end my post, let me share with your my outfit yesterday and today. The past few days has been really cold, it's like Winter to me. Haha! I decided to wear what-people-wear-during-winter clothes yesterday. I was supposed to add a scarf but I thought it was already exaggerated. My co-workers woul have probably laughed at me. Haha! :D 

Cap was from a kiosk, Cardigan was borrowed from my mom; Pants was from a thrift store, Pink blouse was a gift from my mom. 

I'm wearing the same shoes shown above. No makeup - proof that I'm really busy. :D

           I wore something preppy today because our department conducted a workshop. I went for a not-so-formal and a-little-oversized cropped jacket that I bought from a thrift store. 

It was so windy outside. Haha. 

An overview of my outfit. 

Upclose shot of the jacket. Sheer sleeveless top from Bebe.

Pants is from Kashieca; Shoes from Rusty Lopez.

Cute details on the sleeves. Watch of the day.

Star earrings from Accessorized.

        That's all for today's post. I hope you enjoyed reading this. :) Talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO

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