Pan That Palette 2018: I Heart Makeup #Selfie Palette

Hello! Welcome to my first ever post in 2018. I have decided to start my Pan That Palette Challenge 2018. For this challenge, I chose to use my Selfie Palette from the brand I Heart Makeup. I've had this palette since August 2016 and has just been sitting around my stash. It has 10 shadows; 1 matte, 6 shimmer and 3 metallic shades

I have no complains with this palette except for the fact that it has only 1 matte. I don't have any shade for my brow bone. It has has a beige shade but it's shimmery, so no. They blend so easily and has nice payoff on lids. .

I chose this palette particularly since it contains various shades that I can use on my lids, which giving me a chance to play around with my other palettes that includes transition and crease shades. This palette cannot stand alone which will force me to use other shadows. In that way, I won't be bored with this palette immediately.

I have started this challenge in November 2017 and I have hit pan on 4 shadows since then. On my first update, which I have posted on Instagram, I have hit pan on the shade #chocfix. This a nice chocolate brown transition/crease shade that I have been wearing on my every single look. I was expecting to hit pan on this first because I have used it a lot before I started this challenge.

On my second update, I've hit pan on Awks, Share This and Club. What's even more amazing is that I've hit pan 3 shadows in 3 days straight. 1st day was Share This (dark brown), 2nd day was Awks (light pink), then last was Club (black). 

I'm really happy about this progress because it had given me a motivation to continue the challenge and push myself to finish the shadows completely. I have never pan a whole palette before and I'm thinking that this year I will be able to do it. 💪🏻

Goals for the month of January:
🔹Hit pan on Goldigga (gold) and #Love(pinkish taupe)
🔹A deep dent on Check Us In (1st shadow) and #Trashy (blue grey)
🔹Widen the pans of #Chocfix, Awks, Share This and Club

Stay tuned for more updates! Have a nice day everyone. <3 span="">