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          Can you believe it's already March!!!??? Oh my! How time flies by so fast! Hey, guys! I'm Sylden and welcome to my blog. For today's post, I will showing you the products I've hit pan on the past years. Yup, some of these were loved a long time ago and I kinda forgot about using them again and so they just sit on my stash like they don't exist. Haha! Some these are the results of my project pans and one of them were hit pan easily because it was repressed. Anyways, if you are interested on this post, just keep on reading. :)

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow (Veluxe Pearl)
          I have this since 2011! I'm not even kidding guys. I bought this eyeshadow when I was 18. Eeeeeek! You might be saying that this is really gross and I should've thrown this a long time ago. I'm not gonna throw this though; the quality hasn't changed overtime, doesn't smell stinky, doesn't irritate my eyes and it's expensive. I can't just throw away my $18, guys! I loved this shadow back when I was in college, when MAC was really sought after and popular within the YouTube beauty community. I was excited to buy this and I was willing to cash out a lot of money for MAC. I still love this eyeshadow and I might include this on one of my project pans and use it up. The shade is unique and I haven't discovered an 100% exact dupe for this yet. If you are looking for a peach shade with gold pearl finish, I suggest getting this one. 

Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Golden Goddess

          This is my favorite bronzer from the local market. I have used this a lot when I bought this and I have hit the pan after a few months. I like how light this is and I could layer it for darker bronze on my face. I was addicted to this, I used this everyday and I have hit pan on it like 3 months after I purchased this. I'm not a fan of the blush though; it has a metallic gold sheen that I don't like. I love matte blushes more than anything. Anyways, if you are looking for an affordable bronzer from the local market, you need to try this. 

Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow Trios in Tango
          The best matte eyeshadows I found on the local market! I bought this back in 2015 and these are my first matte eyeshadow purchase. The red is so pigmented! It's insane for a local drugstore product! I used the custard mid-brown shade a lot as a transition shade back then on all of my looks and I love the warmth it gave. They don't sell this anymore but how I wish they would. I might be decluttering this as this is old and I have other matte eyeshadows in my collection that I use more often. 

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Powder
          A cult favorite from Essence! I love this powder because it feels so smooth over the foundation, doesn't look cakey and isn't drying. The only problem I have with is that it leaves a white cast which changes the color of my face a little bit. I wasn't happy with the formulation of this product though, it was easily cracked and I haven't have this for a month when that happened. Why Essence powder products so fragile? I have to repress this with water since alcohol would change the consistency of the product. I have hit pan on this after a few uses since I have repressed this. I love this but it so fragile to travel with. 

theBalm Autobalm California Face Palette

          The only reason I have hit pan on the highlighter is because they are included on my Project Pan 2018. This a so-so palette that lacks pigmentation on some of the shades. The highlight shade looks gorgeous on face but isn't visible on the eyelids. I love it so much that I have hit pan on it not more than 2 months after using this continuously. The blush gives a pink flush which I really love. This blush was hard to hit pan since this was hardly pressed on the pan. This a small sized-blush but it will take me a while to use up. I'm not sure if this still available at The Balm stores but maybe you could find some on online stores. 

I Heart Makeup #SELFIE Palette
         If you have read my previous posts, you know that this is the eyeshadow palette I use for my Pan That Palette 2018. I love this palette and I gave this as a gift to myself during my 23rd birthday. I love the brown matte eyeshadow the most I plan on finishing this palette this year. 

       These are the products I have hit pan on as of now. I have hit pan on a lot of products ever since I have collected makeup which was during my college days. I have always kept my collection on a minimal level because I don't want to waste products and let them expire without being given some love. What makeup products have hit pan on? What are your tips for using up makeup products faster? Let us know by leaving a comment below. I hope you find this post motivational and use products that you have. I will talk to you soon. Have a nice day! XOXO

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