Sunday, December 7, 2014

☃✉❅_Happy Holidays Giveaway 2014_☃✉❅ Win a Red Clutch with Surprise Goodies Inside!!!

        Yay! It's another giveaway! I hope that by this time many will join. :) I will be giving away this red clutch that I bought from my mom's boutique to give it to one of you. I chose this one because the color is uber appropriate for the holidays, don't you think? Anyways, I will be including some surprise goodies inside to excite you more. :)

       This is the overall look of the clutch. Anyways, this is not a genuine leather. The quality is good though. :) It has a faux fish-scale-like texture. 


It has a removable gold chain strap, which I think is really chic and classy. 

Don't worry, the chain is lightweight. 

If you want the enter the giveaway, you must read the terms and conditions first:

1. You must be a follower of my blog.  *required

       You can follow this blog through Google+ or by clicking the "follow" button under the About Me section on the side bar. If you don't have a Google account, you can always subscribe through email by entering your address at the "Follow by Email" section at the side bar. This will be equivalent to 5 pts.

2. If you are living on your parent's house, please ask for their permission. They might not want your address to be given away. :-)

3. Leave a comment below stating your happiest holiday moment. 3pts *required

4. Like this blog on Facebook: Delightful Illusions*required

       Facebook is the easiest site for me to contact you. :) Please leave your Facebook name on comments section.

5. Tweet about this giveaway. 2 pts *required

   It could be like this: "Join Delightful Illusion's @delightillusion Giveaway! #HenaGivesAway<3>

6. This giveaway will end on December 31st, 12:59, GMT +8.

          I will pick the winner through the fruit machine. I will announce it by January 1, 2015. Look out for my email and a probable message on your Facebook. :)

7. Due to scarcity in international courier here in Iloilo, I will only be shipping in the Philippines

           I will have an international giveaway if I can find a affordable international courier. I hope you understand, guys. :)

8. If you fail to comply with required steps, all of your points will be disregarded. 

        That would be 10 points in all! You can also gain additional 6 points if you follow me on my other social networking accounts. 

Additional entries: 

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     What are you waiting for? Join now! :) I really hope that my fellow Filipinos would enter the giveaway. Thank you for visiting. Good luck! Have a nice day. Stay safe. Love you all. <3 p="" xoxo="">