Project Pan Porn 2018

4:08 PM

          What is Project Pan Porn? Project Pan Porn is basically is a category of Project Pan where you hit pan on as many eyeshadows as you can in a year. This project, if I'm not mistaken, was started by Elle S (see her playlist here). Elle created this project last year and she picked a palette every month and hit pan on as many shadows as possible. I don't remember how much shadows did she hit on 2017, but I can say they were a lot because she in one of the panning queens of the beauty community. I amazed by how much shadows she can use up in a year and she always make gorgeous and unusual color combinations. She is one of my inspirations in doing my project pans.

         The way I see it, the goal of this particular project is to rotate and use your other eyeshadows while doing a Pan That Palette. It is a way to incorporate your other makeup palettes with the one you are concentrating in that. It also serves a purpose on not letting your eyeshadows to sit around your stash and be neglected for a year. I think that's genius idea, but it also difficult for most people. It is difficult for people who have just started with Pan That Palette and are overwhelmed with so much shadows. I decided to join this project because I have many eyeshadows and I don't want to ignore them while working on Pan That Palette. I'm panning the I Heart Makeup #SELFIE Palette (link here) this year and it contains a majority of shimmer shades. I knew I made the right decision to pick this palette because I can mix them with my other matte shadows. As you can see from the picture above, all of my palettes contain neutral shades. Haha!

          For my first palette, I chose this Ever Bilena Brown Palette. I no idea as to why this is call a "Brown" palette since none of these are brown or a shade of brown. That fourth shadow looks more of like a dusty beige shade rather than a brown. This should've been called "Neutral" instead of "Brown", it would've made a lot of sense that way. I have had this palette for almost two years now and I haven't hit pan on anything yet which kind of surprised me. I always use this palette, especially the dusty pink mauvey and the ultra light mauve shades. These are my go-to transition shades if ever I want to wear cool-toned looks. This is my favorite eyeshadow palette from the local market so far and I don't understand why most Filipino bloggers/vloggers don't like this. This palette is independent; it can create a full wearable look, has two matte shades and a gorgeous inner corner shade. I don't like the Pink Palette because the color selection doesn't go well together. 

          My goal for the first month of this project is to hit pan on the second and third shade. My aim for this project is to hit pan on 18 eyeshadows, including the ones I have on my Pan That Palette. That palette contains 10 eyeshadows and I've hit pan on 5 shadows already. That brings me to hitting pan on 15 shades more. If I have reached my goal before the 2018 ends, I will continue to hit pan on more shadows to utilize my collection well. :) Do you pan as well? What are your makeup goals for 2018? Please let us know by leaving a comment. I hope you have found an inspiration from this post and start panning soon. Stay tuned for more projects and updates. Have a nice day and I will talk to you next week. XOXO

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