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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pan That Palette Challenge Update # 3 - Avon The Greens 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette

          Hi! :) It's been two months since I have given my last update on this year's Pan That Palette Challenge. This update is going to be exciting because I'll show two more of the shadow I have it pan on the last two months. You know what this means? I'll be working on just two shadows only! Yay! I'm so happy that I have hit pan on 4 shadows for 4 months of continued usage of the palette. :) Hard work and focus does really pay off. If you are interested on this update, just keep on reading. 

          Shade 1 - I have finally hit the pan on this shimmery white shadow. Oh my goodness! This eyeshadow has surprisingly broader pan than the gold eyeshadow beside it. I have using this as my inner corner highlight often, maybe that's why I've hit pan on it so quickly. I have reached my goal for this shadow! Yay! :) I won't be touching this shadow for quite a while because I want to focus on another light shade included in this palette that you will see later. 

          Shade 2 - I haven't used this gold shade that much for the past two months because I was focusing on shadows that I haven't reached the pan yet. There's a little bit of progress though; the pan got a little wider and the bottom got a flatter. This eyeshadow has a lot of glitter chunks and fallout, for your information. I dip my brush into this shadow, spritz a generous amount of face mist, and tap this on the top of my lid color. This looks gorgeous as an eyeshadow topper. My goal for this month is just to keep using on this product.

          Shade 3 - I have used this pale green shade on my inner corners the past month and looked it so nice. This shadow is subtler than the first shadow I have talked about. This is the hardest shade to work on this palette because it so sheer, and doesn't really have a nice pigmentation. I don't know how I'll be able to hit pan on this shadow just yet. Maybe use as an eyeshadow topper as well? Haha! My goal for this month is to have a deeper dip. 

          Shade 4 - Another green eyeshadow that seems to be really hard on hitting the pan. This isn't a poorly pigmented shadow; this so pigmented that have to be careful on using this on my outer-V or lower lash line because it give a lot of smokiness to the eyes. I want to use this a as main lid shadow but I think that this is way too much for everyday makeup. This eyeshadow would be good for parties and events, just not on for everyday wearable look. Anyways, there's a dip going on this shadow and I'm hoping to have hit pan on this by the next update. 

          Shade 5 - Another successful goal! I have flatten the surface of this taupey-pink shadow and widen the pan. I have cleared the cracks on the surface and used a ton of this eyeshadow for the past two months. This shadow is so beautiful on lids; it makes my brown eyes pop and glowing. This one of the unique shades in my life and I'm just don't wanna use it up yet because I still enjoy this shadow. 

          Shade 6 - I have not touched this olive green shadow in a while because I focused on the ones I haven't hit pan on yet. 

          Shade 7 - I was just supposed to have deeper dent on this shadow, but I have actually hit pan on this. This is so crazy! Haha! This a beautiful blue shadow; I use this on my outer-v and lower lash line most of the times to give my eye looks some accent. I intend on using this eyeshadow as an overall lid shade in the near future. 

          Shade 8 - There's nothing special here because I haven't used this a lot because I have already hit the pan last year. 

This what the palette looks like from the last update...

...and this is what the palette looks right now. Quite a progress, huh?

          That's my update for the past couple of months. My major goal is to hit pan on the two shadow s remaining. I have other project going on and that includes another eyeshadow palette. I'm currently focusing on finishing the other palette. It's June and I have still 6 months on these eyeshadows. I don't plan on finishing the entire palettes; I just plan on finishing 4 shades (if possible). I'm enjoying this challenge and I think that I'm doing good so far. 

         If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, please tell me on the comments section. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to read and browse this blog. I hope you enjoyed the update and stay tuned for the next. I hope you are having a great day. Stay safe. XOXO

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