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Thursday, June 2, 2016

❣♛May Favorites 2016❣♛

          Hi, guys! Today, I will be talking about my May Favorites for the year of 2016. I don't have much products to talk about because I'm currently doing projects and I have been using the same makeup items since January. For this favorites post, I will be showing you the skin care and hair care products that I truly loved and used a lot on the month of May. If you are interested to know what are my recent beauty favorites, just keep on reading.

Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Toner 200mL
          This toner is surprisingly gentle and doesn't have strong alcohol scent at all. You know how commercialized brands work, right? They will have all the claims they want on their products; when you buy them, they actually do not work at all. You don't get what you paid for. This toner is different. It's thin, has sweet scent, light on the skin, kind of moisturizing, and removes excessive dirt, makeup, and oil on the face. I have noticed that my skin went from being dull to pinkish-radiant glow. It also made my skin feels soft and looks smooth. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for an effective toner that's worth the price.

Human Nature 100% Natural Night Moisturizer
          I wasn't a fan of face moisturizers in general until I used this product. I have an oily skin and moisturizers aren't my friends. I was curious to try this product since I never used a night moisturizer before. Since this is an organic product, I decided to buy this and see what it will do to my skin. The first thing I noticed when applied this on, it has a medium consistency, leave a semi-sticky feeling on the skin, and smells like actual plants. This thoroughly absorbs into the skin and makes my skin feel so supple and soft when I wake up in the morning. The very best thing about this is that it fights zits and pimples. I had a zit one time and I applied a generous amount of this on the affected area. Do you what I saw when I woke up the following day? The zit has flatten a little bit and it wasn't painful anymore when I touched this. I continued using this night after night and my zit was gone. It was gone without transforming into a pimple. This product is a life saver! I'm note sure if this could cure pimples or acnes, but if you are interested in using this product, you should try. This is one of the best skin care products I have ever used.

Victoria's Secret Bergamot Smoothing Scrub Wash
          The best body scrub I have ever used! It smells so good. The smell is the main reason why I love this product. The smell lingers on the bathroom for hours and stays on the skin as well. It has that citrus scent that is calming yet addictive. The texture is gelee-like; thin, non-greasy and not sticky at all. I love that this has moiturizing property but isn't heavy on the skin. If you are looking for a light, good-smelling, and gentle body scrub, try this product. You'll love this.

Daily Defense Argan Oil Conditioner
          This conditioner is way better than the conditioners I have tried my whole life. It make my hair incredibly soft and smooth. It has light weight formula and doesn't leave a greasy residue on my scalp after washing my hair. It smells sweet, like a cupcake, and lasts long through out the day. It relaxes my hair making it controllable. I have been using this since last week of April but it has still a lot of product inside the bottle. If you are a cruelty-free shopper, get this because it's cruelty-free and affordable. If you find this, just try this and I'm pretty confident that you'll like this product too.

Revlon CustomEyes Naturally Glamorous Shadow/Liner
          This eyeshadow palette is included one of the projects I'm currently doing this year. This is one of those makeup items I have used and forgotten about for years and years. Recently, I have been experimenting on different eyeshadow combinations and I have found a nice way on how to use the liner shade on this palette. As you can see above, the liner isn't quite pigmented and won't work when worn alone. I tried using this shade as a shadow base and layer with a light brown eyeshadow. The result gives kind of a brown taupe shadow which is kind of my thing as I really love dark eyeshadow looks for everyday. I've worn this combination a lot on the month of May and I liked it. If you are interested on this palette, you can still get  this on the Revlon's website and Amazon

          These are my favorite products from the month of May. I genuinely love all the products I have mentioned and would be happy if you try them as well. I have linked all the products so you would know where to find them. 

          What are your favorites products recently? Please let us know so we could try them too. I hope you enjoyed this post. Comments are always welcomed, appreciated and replied. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'll talk to you soon. I hope you have a great day. Stay safe.

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