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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Makeup Sale: Essence Cosmetics

          "A makeup haul, Sylden? I thought you're having a Project Makeup Low Buy for 2016"? Hi, guys! I know you will probably say that guys if you have read my last post. Before you judge or anything, I just want to let you know that I have bought these makeup products during my vacation at Manila last year. The SM North Edsa's Beauty Section at the Department Store had a crazy sale on most of the makeup brands they sell; foreign ones like Essence, Catrice, Flormar, and local brands that I will not mention one by one.

          On my first trip to the Beauty Section, I was actually looking for gifts that will be giving to my family. I have dedicated a post showing you the items I gave them: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015. Anyways, my cousin and I were walking inside the department store and saw the Essence kiosk. What made me really thrilled upon seeing the kiosk were the sign boards saying "Php 100", "Php 150", "Php 75", "Php 50", and a lot more. I instantly knew that were having a crazy sale on their face, cheeks, eyes and lip products. I couldn't help myself in not swatching a lot products on the tester rack and deciding what products to get. I was thinking that we don't have Essence in Iloilo and there is nothing wrong in buying a lot of makeup products when they or a great sale. Haha! 

Essence Crystal Eyeliner 06 Rosy Rush
Regular Price: Php 199
Sale Price: Php 75

          As I have finished swatching, I have decided to pick this Crystal Eyeliner in Rosy Rush. This is an irridescent eyeliner; it looks pink on an angle and looks gold on a different angle. The glitters are so fine it doesn't feel like a glitter at all. This is the form of liquid which is perfect for me. It glides on smoothly with a watery feeling on the skin. I like this as a topping on my lid shade. This long lasting as well. I will definitely do an in-depth review on this. 

Essence Big Bright Eyes Highligh It Pearly
Regular Price: Php 179
Sale Price: Php 100
          The next product I picked up is a highlight for eyes on a jumbo pencil form. This is one of the products that I have fell in love the first I swatched it. On a dim light, it looks like a pinkish pearl shimmery shade. On natural morning light, it looks like an ordinary white shimmery shade. This looks good on my waterline but I notice some glitter fallout on my lower lash. That is totally fine because I just smudge the fallout and move on to the next step of my makeup. Haha! 

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil 01 Black FeverRegular Price: Php 169
Sale Price: Php 100

           The last thing I picked up from my first trip on Essence is this black eyeliner. I love that this so pigmented and easy to apply. It's flat matte but applies smoothly. This is nice for the lash line, tight line and waterline because it lasts a long time. I am so happy that I bought this one. 

          I only picked up 3 products on my first trip because I still have to buy gifts. I said to myself that on my next visit, I will buy the white mattifying powder that they have which is hyped by a lot of girls all over the world. It was on sale for Php 200 only and I was positive that I will get my hands on it. I didn't know if I was just slow, but it was sold out when I came back. It was so disappointing. I still did get a couple of products though. 
Essence Eyebrow Designer 01 Black
Regular Price: Php 129
Sale Price: Php 100

          Although this looks like a light black shade on the swatch, it applies boldly on my brows. I like to use for outlining my brows; not so much for filling in. I have medium gold brown hair right now and if I have a super black brows, I will look like a drag witch queen. Haha! This a buildable product but it gets messy when I blend it. I don't know if it just too creamy or the brush it comes with does not do a good job. It lasts all day long though. This has a blonde shade but it was too light for me so I chose this color. If you are looking for a affordable brow liner, check this one out. 

Essence Eyeshadow 45 Back To KhakiRegular Price: Php 139
Sale Price: Php 75
          The last product I bought from Essence is this khaki green eyeshadow from their regular line. When I swatching the shadows, I couldn't decided what to get because they have another neutral shadow that I was staring. The sales lady said that this eyeshadow looks more good that the one I was eyeing. Out of nowhere, I just said "Okay, I'll get that one". She was able to convince and I am glad that she recommended this to me. This looks a brown with green undertone shade on my lids which is not precise on the picture above. Please blame the natural light. Haha!

          Those are all the products I got on the beauty sale the SM North Edsa had. I am happy with all the items I got. There's nothing in here that I hate or regret buying. I should have gotten more but I didn't want to spend all of my money on makeup. I did good, right? Haha! The total cost of all these products should have been Php 815; I have only paid Php 450. Almost half the total price! Yay! I did a good bargain. 

          If you have any Essence makeup products that you love and would recommend to me to try, let me know by leaving a comment. I will appreciate that. :) Did you enjoy the haul? I will be reviewing these products one by one if I can find a time. I hope you liked this post and will come back for upcoming posts. I will talk to you again soon. Have a great day. Stay safe. XOXO

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