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Sunday, January 24, 2016

ZALORA PH: Epic Fail Packaging and Delivery (What A Disappointment!)

          Hi, guys! I am going to share to you today about my disappointing experience on an online purchase; it's way of packaging and the time I waited for to be delivered to me. This post will be composed a lot of rants and some cursing to express my emotions. If you don't like this type of posts, you can click the close button for this window right now. :) I do not intend to this to get attention, be famous, bash the website, or anything. I just want to share my experience as this is the first time that this was happened to me. 

           Last December, I decided to order a pair a shoes from Zalora PH to match some of my outfits for the upcoming holidays. I ordered the shoes on December 13, 2015, 7 days before we leave for a vacation in Manila. I was confident that I will be receiving my order on the 18th at most; Cash On Delivery (COD) transactions for provinces usually arrives 3-5 working days after they have shipped the orders. So, I waited patiently for my order as I was expecting that I will be putting it on my luggage when I start packing. Friday came and my order didn't arrive. I said to myself that maybe my package will arrive the next day. I wasn't worried so much yet. 

          As you can see on the picture above, Zalora verified my order the same day I ordered the shoes. It's good that they post tracking of orders on their customer's account. 

          We can see on the picture above that they have shipped my order the following day, December 14, 2015. I have one question though; when they say shipped does that mean my order is already on its way to my house or it has been given to the courier to be shipped out? Usually, couriers ship packages on the same day if the transaction has been made before 12 noon. Am I right, guys?

            Going back to my story, I actually did not receive any package. I went on vacation without the shoes I ordered on my luggage. I was already disappointed because Zalora haven't delivered my package super late. They have been true to what they say that orders to be delivered on provincial areas will arrive 3-5 working days after they have been shipped. 6 working days have passed and I still haven't received my order. On the 20th of December, we left for vacation. What I did was that I left my payment to my grandmother. I told her if LBC comes, she should just get my package and give my payment to them. 

         My grandmother called us to say hi on the 21st; I asked her if my order has arrived already because it's already Monday. She said that LBC hasn't come yet and delivered anything. I just said: "Ah, Okay". I thought that maybe there's a lot of orders and a traffic on the shipment of packages considering that it was holiday season. I shrugged it of because I was thinking that the package will arrive that week.

         When we got home on January 3rd of 2016, my grandmother handed me over the package. I was excited to open my package because I wanna see what the shoes look like in person. My grandmother said that my order arrived yesterday, January 2. I was like: "Whaaaat??". That was too long already! Anyways, before I go to my ranting, I want to share with you the pictures I took as I opened my package. 

          As I said, I was excited to open my package. When I opened it, this is what I saw. Look at the picture above, that's what I exactly saw. My reaction was: "What the fuck is this!? Did someone open this?". Who could do this? I'm not sure if the courier did this thing because the package is sealed and has the Zalora tag on it. If LBC opened my package, the plastic should be ripped off. The plastic wrapper was not ripped off in any form and I couldn't see any opening. The thing that pissed me so much was the box. What the fuck is that? A reused box that looks like it has beaten. Who the hell is Jay Ann Hernandez? What does the numbers mean on the box? I am so sorry for cursing but this is so disappointing. Don't they have the decency to give their customer a decent box? 

          Orders from Zalora comes with an envelope containing the receipt and return form. I was even more shocked that when I opened the envelop, I was that the papers inside were already folded in a messy way; like somebody opened this first, read the contents, folded it and put it back on the envelope. Who the fuck opened this envelope? If you have to sneak into someone's order, make sure you leave no evidence. What the hell!

           When I opened box, I saw that the shoes were still there. Good thing, huh? I have noticed that the silica gel that usually comes in shoe box is not on this box. Did somebody took it? I was even thinking that maybe somebody tried this is on and just put it back in the box. Like these items were already used before I even received them. I was so mad that time I wanted to mail Zalora right away and curse them for their negligence. Yes, I call this negligence. My items were on sale but that doesn't mean they won't give the proper box I deserve. I may be nobody to the blogging community, but I don't think I deserve this mess. I don't know if this is Zalora's fault or the courier. One should have done, Zalora should secure all their packages. When the shipment to the courier has done, it doesn't mean that they won't track leniently anymore. I made orders from the site before but this is the first it has happened to me. And I tell you right now, I am not really happy about this. I was thinking to just move on with my life but people should know my story. People deserve this story because they must be aware of the consequences of buying online. 

         I feel bad for saying all of these, but I can't just sit here and keep this experience to myself. There are lots of dangers on shopping online. I realized that even grandiose fashion website like Zalora can never ever guarantee the safety of products we buy from them. I just don't feel like buying from them any time soon. This is so disappointing. I am so sorry for the curses I have said but I need to let this one out. I will understand if you will be turned off with this post. This is my story and I just want to share it. Anyways, thank you much for reading. I feel like people will react to this post and leave some comments. I will answer them but I won't be back at home until Thursday. I will go for a work travel tomorrow. If you have anything to share to use regarding this matter, feel free to comment. I hope you still read my blog after you read this posts. I will talk to you soon. Have a great day. Stay safe.  


  1. Kapag nangyari sakin yan maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan! Actuslly wla pa naman ako nagiging problem kay zalora

    1. Sana nga di na maulit. Siguro returned item to, pero pinalitan naman sana nila yung box. Haha

  2. Oh! That’s sad! I completely understand this thing. It also took me a very long time in picking up Delivery services Dallas, they are good and make sure there is no delay in delivering and the package reaches the customer properly. You will have to check what service you got your order from.