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Sunday, November 15, 2015

October - November 2015 Collective Beauty Haul

           Hey, guy! Today, I'm going to show you which I have bought in October and some on November. All of these products are new for me to try except for one that is a repurchased item.  I got products from San San and Bobbie Cosmetics (which I thought was a new makeup line). This is going to be a quite long post so let's get right in to it.

          The first thing I got was this Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer 03 which I purchase at a Robinson's Supermarket. I was thrilled when I first saw the display of Bobbie Cosmetics because I thought the brand was new to the industry. I was surprised that the prize range goes from PHP 100 - 300. Affordable, eh? I wen back to the grocery and scanned the products and see if what would I like to try first. I remembered that I needed a concealer so I picked up this one.

          The packaging is girly with metallic baby pink casing. As I opened the product when I got home, I noticedn that the product itself is somewhat detached from its pan. I don't know this was poorly made or just old. The thing I got disappointed with is the shade, picked up the darkest shade instead of the medium one. 

          Anyways, I still swatched it and I was pleased with the thick, creamy consistency it has. I tried it on my dark circles and worked just fine. I was just hopinh that I got the right shade. I wouldn't put this on my face because it doesn't match my skin tone. 

          It comes with a mirror at the bottom part of the product which is good for focusing on areas you need to conceal. Longevity-wise, the product doesn't stay all day long; it fades throughout the day even when there's powder on top.

          This concealer costs Php 100 which is pretty cheap for a local makeup brand. I don't love nor hate this product as I have decided my final verdict. This does not lasts all day long but isn't that bad either. I think I can look for ways on how will I work on this concealer. 😉

          I went to HBC a few weeks ago to check on the new makeup products from San San. They have repackaged all of their products, I think more of upgrading the quality of look of the products. They also have a makep line, the San San HD High Definition

          I swatched some of their products but I decided to just get my holy grail product which is the San San Waterproof Thick Lash Mascara in Black. As you can see at the picture above, the packaging is new. The mettalic blue gray packaging and embossed lettering makes it look high-end and expensive. 

          Changes were also made on the applicator especially in the size of the bristles. It was used to be big fatty applicator which came down into a standard slim mascara brush. I didn't like how it applies the first time I used it. Maybe they reformulated it? I don't know. It gets clumpy and spreads on the eye area if I do a single flick. I have to wait for a few minutes for it to dry. Anyways, it's getting okay now. This mascara costs Php 125.

          The next week, I went back to Robinson's Supermarket to get the Smoked Out! Eyeshadow Palette of Bobbie Cosmetics. I was debating over my self at first whether to buy get this or not. Do I need this? Is worth spending of my one day allowance? Is this a quality product? 

          I can'y control myself so I bought the palette. This one costs Php 215, pretty cheap for an eye shadow palette I say. They actually another palette which more on brown shades and costs the same. The other one has a tester so I took the chance of swatching the shadows. The texture felt cheap, like the ones made in China. This palette came with dual ended brush; the one side is like a shade brush and the other side is a standard applicator you always see on eye shadows. 

          The palette consists of 12 eyes shadows; half of it are more on grey shades and the other half are blues, brown and black. It's pretty much similar on the smokey palettes in terms of shade selection. I immediately swatched the shadows when I got home. I was disappointed with what the formula of the eye shadows. The matte shadows are barely pigmented and chalky. The metallic ones aren't intense at all, has glitter fall-outs, and chalky. 

          Swatches of the first 6 colors are shown on the picture above. Can you see the third shadow? No! The matte shadow look chalky. 

          The the other half of the palette has interesting colors in my opinion. I think that they are grouped together to make a great smokey look. What do you say?

          I liked the blue shadow but I discovered that it shows more of dark blue-purple color. I have not tried all of these shadows yet but I can say that don't really show well once applied on the eyes and isn't really blendable. I don't regret buying this though as this is good for practicing smokey looks. 

          The last makeup shopping I did was a trip back on HBC. We had a regional event last week and I was on search for a good foundation that would make me look great. I went back to the store because I know they have affordable makeup that won't empty my wallet. Haha! 

          The sales lady said to try the San San HD High Definition Foundation. She browsed the display and picked up the Beige sampler. I pumped some on my the back of my hand and applied it on my bare face. I have noticed that it has mousse-like consistency, looks natural on my skin and covered my pores well. 

          What's good about this is that it come a pump applicator, really convenient for applying makeup and is hygienic. I decided to pick it up. For only Php 205, this is a steal. 

             What In also love about this is that it has SPF 30 with Vitamins A, C and E. It's medium to full coverage is good for photography as it looks nothing on the face. 

The sales lady convinced me to get the powder as well but I didn't feel like shedding much money on makeup. I was planning to get a concealer for my blemishes so I bought this San San Concealer in Beige from the regular line. 

I have tried this on my under eyes and it was too light. I have felt the lightweight feel and blendability so I picked it up as well.

I love the blue metallic packaging. It's sturdy as well. The product has SPF 15. Great! For Php 118, this is a steal again. 

          That's all of the makeup products I recently purchased. If you enjoyed this, please leave a comment below and maybe subscribe to this blog. :) I may post reviews on one or two of this products. Please let me know which should I review. Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day guys. Stay Safe. Pray for the world.

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