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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Collective Beauty Haul: Daiso, Sophie, Kluge and Freebies

           Hello! :) It's been awhile since I shared a beauty haul. If I'm not mistaken, I think the last one was last year? This past few weeks, I have acquired some makeup products which I know broke my Project Pan rules. Hehe! ;) There were sales around and I couldn't pass on those and I wanted to try some makeup products from Sophie and Ellefar. If you are interested, just keep on reading. 

          A few Saturdays ago, I went to the the after my Graduate School class. I checked Daiso,  just to see if they have new items and good deals. Since their beauty section is near the entrance, I went to that area first. The Ellefar cosmetic line was on sale, they had a deal of "buy one take one" on all of the eyeshadows, blushes and mascaras. I was really curious of the makeup items sold at the store because I have read some good reviews on them online. The items could be matched with different type of products; eyeshadow and blush, blush and mascara, or eyeshadow and mascara. The particular brand caught my eye not just because of the price of Php 88 for two items, but also with their cute, gothic-like packaging. 

           The first item I picked up is this eyeshadow quad in Chiffon. It includes various neutral colors; an icy pink, beige, dark brown and a pale white beige shades. I was reluctant to get this because I thought this would be chalky and less pigmented. As I was swatching the shadows, I was surprised with their soft texture. Yes, these are a bit chalky but could be blended away.

           These are also pigmented, especially the dark brown shade. The smell is okay, not bad at all. I used the icy pink shade all over my lids one time (with an eyeshadow base) and I was amazed that it didn't fade or crease at the end of the day. Though there were glitter fallouts on my face as the shadows have micro glitters. Overall, this is a good eyeshadow quad for everyday use. I recommend that you check this out. :)

          The other product I bought is this Princess Duo Color Cheek in Pink. This blush is so so pigmented! Oh my goodness! I tell you guys, there are lots of things going on this product. It's like screaming, so scandalous! Haha! I love this is in a semi-matte finish and is blendable on the skin. The first time I tried this blush, I have put too much on my blush brush and it made me look like a tomato. Haha! 

          This shade is great for looks with simple eyes and light lip color. The highlighter is nice as well, it gives a decent glow on top of the blush. The shades compliment each other. If you buy this product, just be careful with glitter fallouts from the highlighter. Use a fan brush or tissue to remove the glitters. Try this one. This is nice. :)

          A few weeks ago, our neighbor asked if I could look on the latest Sophie Martin's brochure and see if I'll be interested with their cosmetic products. So I browsed the brochure, scanned the pages and looked into the makeup products over and over again. Haha! Their makeup products are affordable, like the drugstore priceline. I was really curious with their cosmetics so I ordered 2 items.

           I ordered this Sophie Paris Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy. The first I noticed upon receiving this is that the size is large. I thought this would be the usual 10 mL lip gloss I see on drugstores, boutiques and department stores. The cutest thing about this product is the triangular sponge applicator. 

          The lip gloss itself is pigmented, has a thick consistency, feels like water on the lips and the glitters are fine. The only downside to this is that it does last long. However, that is okay to me since I only got this for Php 110. I didn't spend a lot of money for this so I ain't complaining. It's a nice lip gloss though. 


           The last item I purchased is this Kluge BB Cream Precious Skin in Natural Beige, a brand being carried by Sophie Martin. I was curious as how this would look and feel on my skin. As a person with oily skin, I really find it hard to search for a BB Cream that would make my face oily as the day goes. Something that wouldn't weigh so much on my skin; not making me feel like I trapped the oil on my pores. 

          The product is blendable, though I can feel some weight while I wear this. It's moisturizing and has a light coverage. But, like the other BB Creams I tried, this doesn't work on my oily skin. Haha! Anyways, I will still continue to use this product because I don't want to waste my money. I work so hard and money isn't something I just haul on the street. :) I bought this for Php 146. The product is a little bit small; it only weigh 20 mL. This is good for normal/dry skin. :)

           Last  month, while I was going back home from my Baguio trip (work related this time), Cebu Pacific has give a small paper bags to their passengers at the Iloilo International Airport. I opened my bag, scanned what's inside and I found some sample-sized products from POND'S, Vaseline, Close-up and Master. It was like their "Summer Campaign Ad", though Summer was over in May. Haha! Anyways, who doesn't like freebies? :) Two products from the loot are these Vaseline Healthy White Whitening and Even-Tone Body Lotion and POND's White Beauty Powder Finish Day Cream. I have used the other products and these are the only things remained unused. I'm excited to use these especially the lotion. Vaseline lotions are the best! I have 2 on my stash right now. :)

       That's all of the beauty products I hauled recently. Before I end my post, I would just love to share my eBay store which contains the organic soaps I sell: Green Magic Handmade Organic Soaps (click the link).  I will feature the soaps soon, but for the meantime browse the store (if you are interested) for details, description and ingredients, :) Thank you so much for dropping by. I always enjoy sharing beauty products. If you have new product discoveries, you are always welcome to share. Have a nice day. Stay safe. Love you all. :)

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