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Monday, August 31, 2015

What's In My Makeup Work Travel Bag?

          Hey, guys! I know it's been a while since my last post. I was travelling yet again everywhere to conduct various trainings. For those people who don't know, I work as a Training Specialist I at the government. My main role is to provide technical assistance to trainings, but I go usually beyond my job description as we are really scarce in staffing right now. Due to the weight of my responsibilities and my studies at the Graduate School, I cannot find enough spare time to write blog posts. I hope you understand. :)

          I was inspired lately to do a post on what I makeup products I carry on my work travels. I know a lot of bloggers to this, so this is not new to you. Mine is a little bit different because I don't bring my "whole stash" of makeup when I travel. Haha!  I learned to bring the things that are really convenient and needed. Products that are easy to use and have multi-purposes are helpful in travels. I'm trying my very best to fit everything I need in this little bag because that doesn't take so much space on my luggage. Seriously, that's all everything I need for makeup. Travelling lightly is a necessity that everybody should learn. :)


          As a training facilitator, I always want to look presentable. I host most activities so it's important to look fresh and stress-free. But, the problem is I don't have the luxury of time to put makeup on. I'm the facilitator, the manager. Being late is a crime. Haha! So what I do is to bring face makeup products that won't take long to put on. I always keep my face makeup simple, something that looks natural, not covering all of the blemishes. I want a fresh, undone look that won't call the HR's attention. Who would want that? Haha! :)

  • Maybelline Clear Smooth All-In-One Shine Free Cake Powder (Nude Beige). I mainly use this powder for touch-up using the sponge that comes with this. I also use this for setting my face with a face brush. It's not so much for controlling the oil on my face, a little bit cakey but is travel friendly because of the size. 
  • Essence All About Matt! Oil Control Make-up Base. I talked about this product on my January 2015 Favorites. I haven't change my opinion about this product for the past 8 months that I have been using this. It dries quickly so I don't have to wait for long to put my concealer and BB Cream on. It's not the best base for oily skin but it helps in the application of liquid products. I notice traces of cakey-ness on my skin whenever I use powder products even with a base underneath.  
  • Kluge Precious Skin BB Cream (Natural Beige). You have seen this product on my previous Collective Haul post. It's an OKAY BB Cream for the oily face. It doesn't have much coverage and feels more like tinted moisturizer. I can feel the weight of this product on my face and definitely has a huge amount of moisture. I like how this blur pores on my face together with the makeup base mentioned above. 
  • Nichido Foundation Stick (Ivory). I use this to cover my awful dark circles. It does a pretty well job. This doesn't totally cancel darkness but it gives medium coverage. It has creamy, blendable consistency that saves time. 

         I always do a light brown smoky looks on work. I think it's the most appropriate option for work, especially when you are in a authoritarian position. Haha! ;) It's an easy look, doesn't require a lot of colors and suits most outfits I wear.

  • Etude House Easy Brow Pencil (Dark Grey). My go-to product for the brows. It gives a natural finish on my brows. The pigmentation is not intense, making it buildable. It stays all day long which I really love. What's its secret? It has wax! How I wish it tames my brows too. Haha! Anyways, I ain't complaining. It's thin and fits on my makeup bag. That's what matters. 
  • Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base. The best go-to eyeshadow base that neutralizes darkness on my lids. I love this products looks good on it's own. If I'm in a hurry, I just put this all over the lids, pat some powder to get the product and I'm good to go. It could go a little bit oily towards the afternoon which is manageable. 
  • Etude House Look At My Eyes... Pearl Shadow Base. The best eyeshadow base ever! You have this product a countless times. It's addictive! This is a cream base that dries like a powder on the eyelids. It  makes any eye look bright, having micro glitters in it. This acts like a paste as well, making my eyeshadows stay for a very long time. Perfect for school and office. 

  • Avon The Greens 8-in-1  Eyeshadow Palette. The main reason I carry this on my trips is because this is the palette I put on a as a candidate for my Pan That Palette Challenge 2015. As you can see, I'm making some progress there. I've finally hit pan the brown shadow. Yay! This a convenient palette because it doesn't take a lot of space and has some good color combinations that suits brown eyes as well.
  • Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow Trios (Tango). Ah! Matte eyeshadows. They're the bomb! I carry this trio with me because my Avon palette doesn't have matte eyeshadows. I love to apply matte shadows on my crease for depth and dimension. Matte shadows have become my necessity for some time now. :)
  • MAC Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow (All That Glitters). The best eyeshadow of all eras, generations, centuries! Okay, nuff said. :)

  • Maybelline ColorShow Eyeliner. I forgot the name of this eyeliner's shade but it's somewhat beige. I love how this makes my eyes open and bright. It's waterproof but isn't long lasting. It wears off though hours but isn't messy. A good liner for everyday use. 

  • Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara. A decent mascara for everyday. This is hard core waterproff mascara, doesn't wear off nor clump. It doesn't give much of a volume as it claims, but is long lasting. A good mascara for casual events. 

  • Elf Studio Powder Blush (Tickled Pink). This blush is also included on my Project 10 Pan. It's not my most favorites blush but gives a nice pop of pink on my warm skin tone.

  • Etude House Look At My Lips... Lipstick (003). A cool-toned, pale baby pink lipstick. Not so good for most skin types. Haha! But looks good on top of dark lip colors that you want to tone down. This is also included on Project 10 Pan.
  • Sophie Lip Gloss (Cotton Candy). A recent purchase of mine. It's just an ordinary gloss. Gives some shine and has a thick consistency. 
  • San San Age Defence Lipstick (002). The best nude lipstick ever! Another candidate on my Project 10 Pan.
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Colorburst Balm Stain (Sweetheart Valentine). My current obsession. It's a light pink balm stain that stays for a long time. 

          For the brushes, I always try to bring the ones I really need and would fit on my small makeup bag. The brown one is an eyeliner brush which was given to me by my friend for free; I use it to apply eyeshadows on my lash line and lower lash line as well. The travel-sized eyeshadow brush came together with the blush brush from San San. I think they still sell the travel brush kit. The black one is from Elf, it serves a lot purpose such as contouring the face, putting on a blush, and many more. The fluffy slanted eye brush is also from San San; being sold individually. The pencil brush is from Watsons. 

          A really long post, I say. Those were the things I carried on my makeup bag from my last work travel. I don't bring the same products all the time but I showed you the exact products I brought last week. I hope I could about my travels as well. I'll see what pictures I have and show the ones that are worth sharing. Haha! I hoped you like this post. If you have any request, please let me know. I'm always open for suggestions. I'll talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Be safe always. XOXO

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