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Sunday, October 4, 2015

iTravel: Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

Tourist Destination: Strawberry Farm
Location: La Trinidad, Benguet
How To Get There: Van or other means of land transportation, a 30-minute ride from Baguio City
Don't Miss: Strawberry Picking and Buying Strawberry Ice Cream

          Strawberry Farm is one of must-visit places when you go to the mountainous province of Benguet. It's a 30-minute drive away from Baguio City, located at the town of La Trinidad. It is a few hectares of farm filled strawberries, vegetables and flowers being managed by the local government. The whole place is open to tourists; meaning you can actually get close to the plants, pick them and buy them. Of course, you have to buy them. They are not free. Haha! :)

            My family and I had a vacation in Baguio City wayback in April. One of our itineraries was to go to the Strawberry Farm, but we didn't how to get there since it is located outside of the city. Luckily, we were able hire a van that offers tour services around Baguio City and some places near it. The offer to us costed Php 2500 which was good for 8 hours. 

          Our first destination on the trip was the Strawberry Farm. Upon seeing the farm for the first time, I was amazed of how wide it is. There were workers in there who tells the visitors that they can actually experience picking the strawberries but they have to buy the picked ones. A kilo costs Php 400, everybody in the group can pick as long as they have to reach at least a kilo. 

           The strawberries were a little smaller that I was expecting. Haha! Our guide said that it rained the night before we came that why it was muddy that day. There were lots of strawberries crushed and went all over the place due to heavy rain drops. 

          This is a picture of a strawberry up-close. Isn't this lovely? Look how vivid the redness is. It looks delicious and juicy. Speaking of delicious, you can actually eat the fruit right there and the. But, just be quiet and do some some ninja moves. Haha! I ain't kidding you guys. We actually did that. Haha! 

          My mom enjoyed the picking segment together with cousins. They got tired after a while but the lady guiding us said that we should reach the quota. Haha! Anyways, the weather might be sunny but the atmosphere is still chilly, but enough chilly to not wear a jacket or coat. 

           That's me picking some strawberries as well. I helped after I took some pictures of the place. I have encountered some struggles because I was wearing a sneaker wedge. It was hard to squat and was hard to walk because of the mud. My shoes got dirty, I have to walk on a drier place and rub the mud off my shoes. Haha! :)

          When you go picking the strawberries, you are given a basket to put your strawberries on. Workers on their said that the smaller ones tastes sweeter than the bigger ones. I have tasted the smaller ones they are pretty sweet so we chose to pick them up. I tell you, it takes time to reach a kilo because these weighs light. We were at the field for like 30-40 minutes. It was fun to do. You try this if you ever stop by at this place. 

          A man was selling fresh Strawberry Ice Cream at the main road. It retails for Php 30 a cone, which is worth for what you are getting for. It was the best ice cream I have ever eaten that no artificial flavors could beat. Its creamy, fresh and tastes natural. It was so good! :)

         I hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed visiting the place. If you have any questions regarding the place, leave a comment or hit me a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will post my other Benguet Adventures and some travels I made this year. Stay tuned for more posts. Thank you for visiting. Talking to you soon. Stay safe. Have a good day! :)

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