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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Repurchase or Not: Product Empties 2 2014

        Happy Holidays! :) How was your Christmas, guys? I'm sorry for being inactive this couple of weeks, I was busy with work. I'm currently here in Quezon City, Manila to celebrate the rest of the Christmas break with my aunt and cousins. Anyways, I'll be post my  "What I Got for the Holidays 2014" soon and will be followed by a Holiday Shopping post. Haha! I have noticed that nobody entered my giveaway (☃✉❅_Happy Holidays Giveaway 2014_☃✉❅)  yet so I'm gonna extend it until January 10. I hope somebody will enter. :) Haha!

        It is the time of the year to do another "empties" post, it's basically a quick review of the beauty products I have finished and decide whether I would repurchase them or not. I have posted the first one way back in July; ✔✔ Product Empties ✔✔ I promise not to make this really long as it is tiring to read a really. Haha! I will make this short and concise.

          In no particular order, I'll start with this Shokubutsu Hana Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, which came out on the market earlier this year. I was curious about this brand so I tried this formula. I don't like this because it makes my scalp itchy and it doesn't fight dandruff. I will not repurchase this. Head and Shoulders is still the number anti-dandruff shampoo for me. :)

         Again, I bought this Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Conditioner out of curiosity. It's nice, makes my hair feel soft right after I rinse it. I have neutral opinion with this product because I haven't used it with its matching shampoo. I cannot give a reliable review. I like this but I will not buy this again because I have a plentiful of pure Argan Oil bought straight from Morocco. ;)

        Schwarzkopf Q10 Recharge Conditioner is by the far the best conditioner I have ever tried. It makes my hair soft, smooth and shiny. How I wish I could repurchase this, this isn't available at drugstores or groceries. If ever you see this rockstar, grab it. It's  worth the money. 

          I like this SIVANNA COLORS Waterproof Mascara. It has a natural look, great for school and work use. I won't repurchase this though because I want something that makes my lashes fuller. Drugstore mascaras are better by price and quality.

         I don't what happened, but this Celeteque Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner didn't have a significant effect on my skin. After applying this, my skin feels a little sticky which I'm not comfortable with. It doesn't control oil, at least for me. I'm not gonna buy this again either. 

        Of course, I'll buy this PH Care Intimate Wash again. The best feminine wash in the drugstore. This is a need. Haha! 

          This Garnier BB Eye Roll-on is an innovation to the market. It's easy to use and very blendable. I'll buy this again if they ever have a sale and a shade that matches my skin. 

            I have other used up products that I have not shown to avoid redundancy. If you have any requests or suggestion please let me know. I'll talk to you soon. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Love you all! XOXO

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