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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30th: OOTD + 8 Street Bites Restaurant

          Hi, guys! I'm Sylden. Welcome to my little world on the internet. Before anything else, I want greet everyone a Happy, Happy 30th! The year 2014 will be over in less than 48 hours and I still can't believe it. Haha! Isn't it crazy? How can time fly by so fast?? Anyways, today's post will be about my outfit of the day; we went to SM North Edsa earlier this day. My cousin Imred and I roamed around the Sky Garden, shopped a few things then ate at this restaurant that we just newly discovered which I will be talking about later. Today's weather is a little bit chilly, I almost froze at the mall. Haha! 

          For today's outfit, I wore something comfy yet so put together, at least in my opinion. Haha! I was inspired by Taylor Swift's style; blouse tucked in a high-waist shorts paired with flat shoes. I know that she usually wears oxfords and sneakers, but I prefer doll shoes. My top is from the brand Chelsea which I showed on my Zalora Haul. The fabric of this button down is made from chiffon; it's comfortable, thick and feels silky. I didn't even wear a bandeau or cami underneath because it not so see-through which I adore. My shorts is from ukay or thrift store and my shoes are from the brand My Tender Toes.

         I told my cousin that we should pass by the Sky Garden in going to the The Block because I was freezing inside the mall. I asked her to take a picture of me on some parts of the garden and as you can see I was seating on this fake grass that the mall has provided for the visitors. Stepping on the real grass is prohibited. Haha! Behind are giant christmas balls and trees. Aren't they cute? :)

        As we were done with shopping trip, we looked for a place to within the garden. By the way, I forgot to tell that the garden is like a kilometer long and it's full restaurants from one side to the other. The place is overwhelming. We passed by this restaurant called 8 Street Bites, the prices are incredibly affordable compared to others. We were craving for street foods so we didn't have any second thoughts on eating at this place. The ambiance is welcoming and feels like you're on the streets of New York, the staff are accomodating. If I am not mistaken, this restaurant is originated from the USA. Please correct me if I'm wrong. :)

        There is a freedom wall where the customers can write their thoughts about the food, place, people and anything under the sun. The prices of food and drinks ranges from Php 48 - 300, nothing over Php 400. Their extra orders starts from Php 29. That is crazy! Unbelievable! 

         Imred ordered Php 78 Cheezy Fries, Php 88 Nachos (cheesy) and Php 48 Frostea. Her grand to total was Php 214 only. For these servings, the prices are too non-resistant. Who could? 

          Look how generous the serving was. The tomato dip is already included on the meal. 

          Cheese overload! The taste even gets better when you it with the spring onion. It tones down the sourness of the flavor. This is definitely a must-try!

         We ordered the same drink which was the Frostea, basically an iced tea topped with fine crushed ice. It's nothing to lemon nor watery. It's just plain perfect. I am not even joking. :)

        This was what I ordered, the Php 99 Freeway Nachos . I also ordered a Php 68 Tiramisu which was not included on the pictures because my camera's battery went on empty. I was surprised to see that I finished the whole plate. I can't usually eat the entire plate of what I'm ordering on various restaurants. Haha! The nachos were topped with tomato salsa, spring onions, beans, dressing, meat and basil leaves. 

          If you ever eat on 8 Street Bites, get this first. It's delicious and you won't regret a single moment. This is heaven for me. Haha! I will be going back before I go home. I'll mark that on my "to-dos".

            This is it for today. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and be convinced to try what I recommended. Haha! This is in no way a compensated feature. I love what I share. Thanks for stopping by. I'll talk to you after New Year. Take care. Have fun. Stay safe. Love you all!


  1. oh man, those cheese fries look so good! I find it so silly that the mall put in fake grass so people wouldn't walk on the real grass. That seems kinda dumb to me. Whats the point in having the grass to begin with then?

    1. Haha! Welcome to the Philippines, Sarah! Haha! That's not just on the mall, that's like everywhere in here. I guess the grass are only for display. :)