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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spice Up Your Room with Old Magazines (Fashion and Beauty Collage)

       Ola! :D I'm excited for today's post. It's a DIY (Do-it-yourself). Yay! A reader actually requested for a project and it was in a perfect timing because I'm currently decorating my room. Well, it's more actually of spicing up. Since I'm not yet finished with it, I decided to take pictures and show them here in my blog so I could give some ideas. It's just really simple, no hard force needed. Just patience and imagination. Doesn't cost much, just a little for some materials. :)

       Today, I will be showing my current project on my room. It's a fashion and beauty wall. What it is? Basically, it's a wall full of fashion and beauty related cut outs from old magazines. It's like my compilation of favorite outfits, looks, products, ads from brands, quotations, tips and more. Like doing a collage on the side wall of my closet. My mom doesn't allow me to post anything on my room's wall. So, my closet's the perfect substitute. Haha! Actually, I started this way back in 2011 but wasn't able to finish it because I got lazy. :D I'm apologizing in advance for the not so clear pictures because I have no source of natural lighting in my room. I had to use flash. Let's start now. 


Old magazines.The ones you don't read that much anymore.

A pair of scissors and a double-sided tape. (It's better than glue).


  • First, cut out images that you would like to use. It could be your favorite products, looks, outfits, tips, just anything. Plan ahead on what your collage would look like.

  • Then, cut a a fair length of the tape. Just enough to support your image so it won't fall off easily. Part in to two. You'll save a lot of tape if you do this.

  • Lastly, remove the white paper that covers the other side of the tape and the images as you have planned. Use your creativity in making the collage. Please be careful in making this, especially if you have high wall like mine. You might need someone to assist you.

I love Revlon, Marc Jacobs and Mango.

The left picture's an ad for Louis Vuitton. One of my fashion inspirations. 

More fashion tips.

Bright accessories rock! \m/

An overview of my fashion and beauty wall.

      Yeah, my wall's not yet finished. I say, 80% done. I'll update and post a picture once I finish it. Did you like this? Would you try it? Please let me know about your thoughts on this one. That would greatly appreciated. Any requests? Tell me, I'll work on it. Thank you so much for reading, people. Have a great day. Always stay safe. :D XOXO

I'm not being compensated to show the magazines. Purchased them myself.

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  1. Ooh, I did this before! A magazine collage :)

  2. Wow! I really like this idea of using magazines to decorate the wall! It's cheap and is great inspiration to look at :)


  3. Thanks for this! I made this but on a cork board and it turns out great. :)

    1. Welcome. :) Send me a picture please. I wanna see it.

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