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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mini Fashion Haul

     Hello, there! How's your weekdays going on? Mine's pretty much busy. If you have read my previous post (OOTD: 09/15/13), then you know that I was at San Jose, Antique last weekend. I attended my nephew's birthday party and baptism. I also mentioned on my last post that I went to their Gaisano for some sale shopping since I can't go to SM Iloilo. That would be a 2 hours and 30 minutes drive. 

     The past week was like a sale week because most of the malls I know had a 3-day sale (13,14,15). I wanted to buy some clothing stuff but didn't have the chance to have a shopping trip at any mall. Luckily, San Jose had a Gaisano. I told my granny if could just see what's inside the mall before we head home. As we went to the Department Store, I was amazed by the clothes they have on stock. They're all trendy and of good quality. Not like the ones you see at RTW stores. 

      I was in search for a pair of flats that will match any outfit when I stumbled upon this glittery shoes. It has a somewhat like a fish net detailing at both sides. It's comfortable to the feet. What's nice about this is that it's glued well and won't easily fall apart. I know a made-well shoes when I see one (I learned a lot from my experiences). Can you believe that this is just Php 199? Yeah, not kidding. Actually,  most of their flats are Php 199. I was even more surprised when I found out that most of their fashion items at the department have a discount of 10%. Isn't that awesome? 

     After getting the shoes, I strolled around the dress section. I was scanning the dresses and their prices (yeah, that's just so me) , when I saw this navy blue lace dress with open shoulder top and high-low bottom for only Php 319. But then, I only paid Php 287.10 because of the 10% discount. Exciting! I have tried this on and looks good on me. The wing-like sleeves cover my arms perfectly and the cut-out accentuates my broad shoulders. I plan on wearing this during Christmas. I still can't find it in my heart to wear red colored clothes because I'm still saddened by my papa's death (I miss my old man so much, yesterday was his 1st death anniversary). :(

      Moving on, I bought another high-low dress in a light brown chiffon fabric with Aztec print. Finally, I went for something in trend. Haha! I usually gravitate on simple and basic prints. I like this a lot, it fits perfectly. The top isn't baggy and the zigzag stripes doesn't emphasize my broad physique. The bottom part is pleated. The band cinches my waist. I think the glittery shoes and this dress will look cute together. What do you think, guys? This was originally Php 299, marked down to Php 269.10. Amazing, eh?

     This last fashion item is my highest score on this shopping trip. I was about to pay my purchases when I passed by on a rack of purses. My eyes caught this authentic Mango purse in green. It was originally Php 1495, marked down to Php199. To be sure, I checked the inside details. I jaw dropped when I found that this was genuine. My cousin has a similar sling purse also from MNG and the lining inside is a floral cloth. It still has the price tag in Euro. Without any second thoughts, I bought this. I wouldn't let the opportunity pass. Haha! What do you think of the bag? I think this would also match the Aztec dress and the glittery shoes.

     Lastly, I got a set of hair ties. They didn't have a discount. I still got them because my instinct told me that they're in a good quality. Haha! 

     All in all, my total bill was only Php 993. For five items! If my calculation is correct, I saved Php 1379. A huge saving! Oh yeah! I'm so proud of my self. *Taps my back. Haha! This made me so enlightened. :D

     We went to SM yesterday and I did a little shopping. I'll post a picture of my mini haul on my page. I'll put my links below. I hope you'll check my page. I always update it with pictures. Did you enjoy my haul? Let me know. Also, if you have a similar post, don't hesitate to leave your link. I'll check and read yours. Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO

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  1. Woah! Five fantastic items for less than 1000php! Nice! :) Can't believe you can actually buy good quality products for less than a thousand peso bill. And that Mango purse!! Usually, here in Europe you can't buy Mango products especially bags/purse in that price(converted) even if they're on 70% sale. So envious haha! Thanks for this post :D

    1. Thanks, Camy! Yeah, products in Europe are way expensive than the other continents. Living in there costs a lot. Haha! Well, I'm a thrifty person. I guess this one is an advantage. Maybe we could meet someday and go shopping together. That would be really nice. :D