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Monday, September 2, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

       Woah, August flew by so fast and "Ber" months are now approaching. September is here, the time where we start saving for the most awaited holidays. Good morning, people! How are you? I've been busy again these past few days with my driving lessons, feeling a little bit tired. So, today I will be talking about my August favorites. The past month, I have discovered makeup products from brands which I never thought would work. I will not include products which were shown on my July favorites, I still love some of them but I avoid being redundant. Besides, this post will just be lengthy if I include them. 

Beauty Products

         The first product I wanna talk about is this Foundation Brush from Elf. I saw this first from my friend on Facebook and I was curious about the brush. I bought this one and I'm really amazed. It covers well resulting for a flawless face without giving a cakey look, even for powders. You don't need a lot of product to hide your blemishes. The bristles are soft and sturdy. Surprisingly, it does not shed.

          Oh my goodness, this next products is unbelievable. I never liked a cream-based eye shadows before, but this eye base from Etude House is the bomb. This is the Look At My Eyes Pearl Shadow Base from their Look At collection. This does not make my eyes crease even without a primer for hours. It's creamy at first but when applied to the lids, it dries in a powder form. It makes my shadows pop. I wanna buy more of these! 

          Honestly, I have doubts with Ever Bilena products because of their origin. They were made from China and as you know, beauty products from the country are most often toxic because of some harmful ingredients. Plus the quality of their stuff are so-so. Last July, I attempted to do the $20 Makeup Look Challenge but I failed because my bill was almost $30. I opted for EB products together with Careline Cosmetics because they're the cheapest in my local Watsons. These shadows have a sheer to medium opacity. I love this palette because I can create various looks and can tone down or up the colors, depending on my mood. It lasts for hours as long as I use an eye primer. 

          The next two products are lippies, one is the Glam Works Cheek and Lip Tint in Strawberry Red  and the other is the Beauty Rush Colorshine Gloss in Wonder Melon. This combo is superb, it matches at some various eye looks that I wear. The tint does not stay for a long time, maybe for an hour or two. The gloss has specks of  gold glitter but when applied to the lips, they vanish. It tones down the redness of the tint.

This is what combination looks like. It's more subtle when I apply it on my lips.


         The easiest way to style a short hair? Headbands! This month, I used this braid headband which I bought from a local store. I will feature it soon. I've used this at some occasions and looked so pretty.  I love how realistic the hair look like when I put it on and how it blends on my hair color. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture for the hairstyle. But I have a closeup picture of me wearing the band. I hope you can see it.


          Okay, I cannot say enough with this Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Toilette (4mL). It's fruity and girly, lighter than the original Daisy. I bought this in a gift set, including another Daisy Toilette and perfumes Dot and Oh, Lola! This is my favorite scent of them all. I'm usually obsessed sweet smelling fragrances but this one captured my nostrils. It's not sweet, but it's charming and isn't overwhelming. Perfect for day dates.


        I'm an avid fan of Harry Potter ever since. I watched all of the movies but I haven't read any of the books. To widen my understanding about HP, I purchased the first two books. As I read further, my obsession with HP grows. The books were written comprehensively, Ms. Rowling used simple words which an advantage for the series' million readers. These books also helped me in Pottermore.

          I have found the perfect magazine for my age. It's Meg! I've been a reader of an another magazine but it's so too teenager-ish so I checked this magazine. I was shocked when I found out that Bianca Gonzales is the editor-in-chief of this mag. This is packed with load of information about, life, relationships, beauty and more. I love how broad their topics are, and less ads. I'm doing the big switch. :) P.S. Maja Salvador looks so fab in this cover.

      So, those are my favorites for August. Please let me know if you want a detailed review in any of the products mentioned and also your product recommendations. I love interacting with my readers. :D Also, if you are interested in my mini giveaway, you can enter here: Mini Giveaway. Talk to you soon. Have a nice day! XOXO


  1. Yehy! Thanks for this post! I will definitely try the Glam Works Lip and cheek tint :) I hope you can review eyeliners (gel/pencil) also and it would be great if you can add posts about dresses and accessories or DIY's. I really enjoyed your post about second hand dresses in your previous blog ;)

  2. Hell, Camy! Thank you so much for reading another of my blog posts! I'm currently working on DIY Projects. I'll also try to review eyeliners. :)