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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fashion Finds: Thrift Store Edition

     Hello, there! Welcome to my first segment of Fashion Finds, where I feature favorite items from various stores mostly at affordable prices. In this first post, I will we talking about my fashion finds accumulated from thrifting. I have written a similar post on my previous blog and readers liked it and so I decided to make another one. I hope new readers will this too. :D

     A lot of Filipinos, from lower to upper class, loves shopping at Ukay-Ukay stores (Thrift stores) because of the great bargains they could find like finding high end items, sometimes unused and still tagged. I remember spotting a Versace pants when I visited Magarbo. Unfortunately, the piece was small for me. But, I have also scored on brands like GAP, Marks&Spencer, Christian Dior, Juicy Couture, Fila and Levi's. It just really depends on how you handle your clothes to make it not look like from the thrift store. I could be cheapskate at times. :)

      The first item I'm gonna show you is a knitted sleeveless top that I got from our local market, the ukay-ukay is held at our town's gymnasium. The price ranges from Php 1-60 per piece. I got this top for Php 10 and it's from the brand Le Fumoir. Maybe it's French, I'm not really sure.         

        This piece has a simple structure and easy to dress up or down, it's comfortable to wear and the details are cute. The beads at the neckline look like a necklace. I use simple accessories when wearing this one.

       Next is a pair of pants I got from a thrift store somewhere in Marymart Mall. Sorry, I forgot the name of the  shop. :D It's a tattered jeans in acid wash. I got this together with another 3 items for Php 150. 

          Since it has a long slit, I've sewn it in a rugged-looking manner using a gray thread. Gladly, it went with the rips. It's from the brand Kubense. Sounds like Japanese. What do you think guys? 

     I wear this almost every time we travel through roro bus because it's surprisingly comfortable to wear even for 24 hours straight. Maybe it's with the fabric. Plus, the details are adorable. My aunts asked me where did I buy this because they said this is nice. 

       Then, I have hear a denim jacket from the brand Snidel. I bought this from Magarbo for Php 100. It's also in an acid wash just light in color. 

       The details of this item are super adorable. The sleeves has a floral accent which surrounds it and was lengthened to form a tie. A little bit kid-ish but goes well with my dresses. I was inspired by Demi Lovato to wear denim jacket over a girly dress. 

Here's a picture of me wearing the jacket with a polka dot dress. This was taken last June 24 at Ocean Adventure. Throwback Thursday! Yay! :D What can you say about the outfit? Any suggestions?

      I bought this skirt somewhere in San Jose, Antique. My cousins knows a person who sells new/used items from the US. So, her lawn looks like a thrift store. Her clothing items had different prices, depending on the condition and what brand. I spotted this stripe pink, candy-looking skirt from GAP. Isn't this the cutest? 

     It's a little big for me. But it's okay since I can tuck my shirts inside this skirt. I pair this with plain to minimum-printed shirts. Since there's a lot going on in this skirt, it's best to match it with something that doesn't contrast to the print.

     OMG! This next piece screams G-L-A-M-O-U-R. The structure, cute, fabric and just every thing with it is perfect. I love that it has a high-low cut which was placed in an unusual position. I was lucky enough to find this at Magarbo. It's unused, still has tag attached to it. It was only Php 100. I would say that is by far the best bargain I had. This skirt reminds me of Tinker Bell

     The color is somewhat muted but that's the advantage because it can be paired with almost anything. By the way, this is from Como. A fail model picture of the skirt. I'm sorry, it was out of focus. Do you like the skirt too?

     Finally, the last I have here is a unique dress from Izzue. This is also bought from Magarbo for Php 100. It's a glitzy navy blue dress with sparkly studs attached to it. I don't know, but I think this dress seems to be Korean in style. 

     The best part of the dress? The bottom! It has lace and looks like a tutu. I've worn this last Christmas and people at the mall were staring at the dress constantly. I paired it with a doll shoes and curly bob. Looked so cute! Would you wear something like this? 

     Did you like this post? Tell me by leaving a comment below. I really enjoyed taking pictures of these clothes and blogging about them. Please if you have any request/s, don't hesitate to tell me. I will do my best to do them. I've got to go now. Talk to you on my next post. Have a nice day! XOXO


  1. OMG! Great pieces you have there! Those dresses are super cute! :D Especially that navy blue dress! I want one! I want one!. HAHA. And that denim bolero looks very good on you. Accessories and shoes also please ;) More posts! More posts! Hehe. Thank you for your hard work :)

  2. Thank you so much, Camy! I will work on those. :D

  3. OMG i love that skirt. you are so lucky to have found that.