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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jewelry Collection: Animal Edition

       Hello, there! It's been a week since I updated my page and make a new post here in my blog. I was busy these past few days because it was our annual town fiesta, I cooked and organized. Wanna see me cooking? Let me know. Haha! After the preparations, I didn't feel well that's why I wasn't able to update immediately. I'm okay now. :) 

         So, for today's post, I will show and tell about my animal jewelry collection. It's not a lot but I have some of the cutest pieces (in my opinion). Haha! I started collecting accessories when I was in high school, I'm particularly known for my burloloys during my schooling days. I hope you'll love this post because I a lot of us loves jewelry. Enjoy reading! *Click the images for a larger view.


       The first pair I have in here is an owl earrings from Forever 21. I'm not sure if you still can get this because I bought this last year, a graduation gift to my self. I usually don't spend  Php 280 for a pair of earrings but these owls can't be resisted. They're adorable to the highest level! This pair is unique because they're body is connected by a chain with colorful threads as decoration. The colors incorporated well with each other and they pretty much match with any outfit. 

      Next is this pair of butterfly earrings given to me by my cousin way back in 2004. I think, or maybe earlier than that. Haha! I can't throw away such a cute stuff. I've worn this a lot during my high school days. I don't wear this anymore because trends change, right? I forgot where she got these.

       This snake earrings is from Shop & Match, an wholesale store of fashion accessories here in Iloilo. I might give the shop a feature soon, but I'm telling right now that I can't give a tour because taking pictures inside the store is prohibited. Going back to the topic, I got this pair not more than Php 30. I still haven't use this yet, I'm not really sure what outfit to match with these. Do you have any suggestions? These are in silver, decorated with sparkly stones. 

     Then, I got another snake earrings from the same store but in a different color and form. Smaller than the first pair. These are in gold and would also go well with any look. Yeah, I also haven't worn this one yet. I collect accessories but rarely use them. Do you have any suggestions again?

     Isn't this pair the cutest studs? So cute! Looking so dainty and at the same time classy because of the faux pearls. I've worn these a couple of times and they spice up simple outfits. An unusual earrings but I can't let this go.  Also from Shop & Match.

      Last pair is a chandelier butterfly earrings also from the same store. These pieces remind me of JoJo Levesque so much, she wore something butterfly on her Baby It's You music video. I'll post the video on the sidebar. She's my inspiration for accessories. She made we wear hoop earrings.


       I'm not a brooch person. In fact, I don't even wear one. But, this piece is magnetizing to the eyes. The colored stones brought to life the butterfly. I'm hoping that one This was given to me by my friend during my 18th birthday. 


     I'm also not a ring person but this ring caught my attention. It's like a butterfly's nest. Yeah, I love butterflies.


Then again, another butterfly. LOL! My eyes gravitate towards butterfly. They're irresistible. This is a statement necklace that looks classy as you wear it. Also from S&M.


      As much as I would like to wear this more often, I just can't because it's too big for my wrist. How I wish this is adjustable. :( Anyways, this bracelet reminds me of a garden because of the ladybugs, dragonfly and beetle decorations. The lock is even more adorable because of "PEACE" engraved to it. I bought this from my mommy's shop at around Php 45. Cheap, eh? She buys stuff at China and sell them in their store. Do you want a tour? Let me know.

     *Freaking out* OMG! This is my most loved bracelet. I have been eyeing this for a long time and finally got it from Greenhills for a cheaper price. It's a snake (again) wrap bracelet. There are pieces like this with only one color of stones. This one's colorful and looks lively. I feel like I'm a sorceress wearing this. Haha! I also want a dragon one similar design worn (it was a ring though) by Jay Baruchel at The Sorcerer's Apprentice). Would you wear something like this?

     Finally, A monkey bracelet with lucky charms which I bought from a Chinese seller of furniture. Yeah, I was born on the Year of the Monkey. Hurray to all monkeys! LOL! I use this as one of my arm candies.

     So, that's all guys. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed taking pictures of these. If you want any requests or any thing else, just hit me a comment or message me on Facebook. Have a good day. Stay safe, guys! XOXO


  1. SO many pretty things! I love the bracelet with the little bug in the middle of it :)

  2. I love that butterfly ring and that pair of spider earrings!! :D