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Sunday, August 25, 2013

NOTW: Bluer than Blue

          A blessed and happy Sunday to each and everyone of you! There's nothing much to read right now but a Do-It-Yourself post will be posted soon, hopefully. I'm currently working on it right now. :) So, today I will be showing you my nail of the week. It's all blue and pretty simple! I just blue, it's my favorite color. Definitely my most used color in my nail polish collection. And without further ado, I will now show you what's on my nails. 

         I used a sapphire nail polish a base. Two coats for a darker shade. Then I topped it with a blue glitter polish for a reflective effect. Two coats again for intensity.

         I supa dupa love this combination. With the teal and green glitters, it gives a mermaid-ish feeling. I'm sorry if my camera didn't give justice to the color. It looks so much better in person.

         For this combo, I used San San's Blue Sapphire Nail Color which can be bought at HBC stores. I've used this countless times because it's highly addictive. Then, I used Bobbie's Premium Nail Creme in Supernova (Glaze), available at Watsons and leading department stores.

        What do you think about my notw? Would you wear this color? Let me know by leaving a comment. If you want to share your nail of the week, post it on  Delightful Illusions' fan page or on my Twitter account. I love it when my readers interact with me. I always reply. :) Have a nice day everyone! XOXO


  1. Beautiful nail polish. I would definately use it. It's bold but at the same time not too aggressive.