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Monday, July 4, 2016

First Impressions Review: Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask Oil-Control and Detoxify (Taglish)

          Hi! Today, I'll be doing a First Impressions Review this Peel-Off Mask from Beauty Fix. I was browsing some beauty products at Watsons last Tuesday and I passed by the face masks shelf. Na curious ako sa mask na 'to kasi mura lang at perfect for testing out kasi nasa sachet lang. Nabili ko 'to for 22 Pesos. Sobrang mura, diba? I picked the one for oily skin, though the products says it's suitable for all skin types. 

          This product claims to control oil, detoxify, remove dead skin, clear up deep-seated dirt, and other impurities. Weh, di nga? Sa 22 Pesos ko magagawa lahat ng yun? Haha! The ingredients are good as swll kasi walang kahit anong "Paraben" na nilagay sa skin care product na 'to. Yehey! :)

          Today, I decided to give this beauty mask a try and make a first impressions review. As you can see on the photo, kaliligo ko lang. The only thing I did to my face is wash it with a carrot soap. I really wanna see kung gaano ka effective 'tong magtanggal ng blemishes, especially yung blackheads. Nakikita niyo naman madamin akong blemishes. Yuck! 

          On a closer look, you can see my pores, scars, blackheads, pimple scars, and other not-so-good stuff. My skin doesn't look dull, but it doesn't look so healthy either. Mahirip talaga pag oily yung skin mo, pa balik-balik lang yung mga blemishes sa mukha. 

          It was stated on the instruction to cleanse the face with a warm water. Since tinamad na ako pumunta sa kusina ang mag init ng tubig sa takore, nag init na lang ako ng tubig sa microwave. Ninja moves lang, wala kasi si mama. Hindi ako mapapagalitan. Haha! 

          The products comes off as black; the ones that just look like the charcoal face masks. It does have that typical, ordinary peel-off mask smell which is stronger than the others. Anyways, I'm not really bothered by the smell. Nawawala naman siya once nag apply ka na sa face. 

          I used half of the sachet because I didn't want the product to be too thick on my face. I concentrated on areas where I desperately need to remove blackheads; I focused on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Please don't mind that blank line on my forehead, may sama na buhok sa product kaya nung hinila ko nagkaroon ng line. Haha! By the way, use headbands and hair ties or hair cap when using masks to avoid getting your hair on the product. I learned my lesson. :)

          Oh my, I applied the mask unevenly! I should've used the whole sachet. I should have. Sobrang uneven! Haha!

          It dries into a matte finish once it dries; I waited for like 30 minutes for this to be totally dry. Naramdam ko yung tightness sa skin, hindi nga ako makanguya mabuti ng Pringles eh. Haha! I removed the mask gently upwards. The process of removing the mask was painful and I can definitely feel that my facial hair was being peeled off my skin. Yikes! 

          This is what my skin looks like after peeling off the mask and washing my face with warm water. I noticed that my skin got radiant and smooth. My skin feels so soft and fresh. Bigla akong nagkaroon ng "pinkish glow".

          Here's a selfie after trying the mask for the first time. Please don't mind the background. Lalo na yung washing machine! Haha! :D

          As you can see in this picture, the mask remove a large blackhead and some facial hair. Sorry, kadiri tingnan. :)

          At yung mga iba pang blackheads na natanggal. If my guess is right, this is part was from my nose. Sa ilong ako may madaming blackheads eh. If I have used the whole sachet, maybe the mask would pull-off more blackheads. 

  • For 22 Pesos, you can't go wrong with this peel-off mask. It may not have removed all of my blackheads, but my skin fell tight after I used the mask. If used the entire sachet, I am pretty sure that this mask would remove more blemishes.
  • I love the fact that it didn't give my skin irritation, side effects or bad reactions. It seems to be quite gentle, even though it peels the hair on my face too. Hindi humapdi yung face ko or nasugatan. 
  • Travel-friendly and very affordable.
  • Detoxifying? Yup! I can feel my skin breathe after removing the mask. 
Would I recommend this? Yes, definitely. Try niyo mga sisters, baka hiyang naman sa skin type niyo. 

          I am hoping that I could give a follow-up on this first impressions review. Overall, I liked the mask and would recommend this to everyone. If you have any requests or recommendation, please tell me on the comments section. I am looking forward na makipag-usap sa mga fellow Pinays na mahilig sa makeup and skin care products. Tara, usap tayo! :) Thank you so much for reading and dropping by. I'll talk to you soon. Have a nice. Stay safe. XOXO


  1. Hello! Just wanna ask, kailangan pa po bang hilamusan ko yung face ko after maremove yung mask?

    1. Hi! I'm not really sure if super needed na hugasan yung face. I washed mine kasi itchy yung face ko after nung tinanggal ko yung mask. I don't reccommend this mask kasi masyadong harsh sa skin. Namula yung face ko sa 2nd ko na try. 😕

  2. Hi after peeling off the mask can i still use moisturizer? Or don't need? ☺️

  3. Hi ate curious lang kasi madami akong pimples sa noo okay lang ba na gamitin ko yan kahit ganun nga na madami akong pimples?

  4. Hi ate curious lang pwede ko pa rin ba yang gamitin kahit na madami akong pimples?

  5. Hi is it applicable to use even though i had so many pimples?

  6. True ganda talaga yan gamitin lalo n kasama ng moisturizer at facial wash ng Beautyfix ��������


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