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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Summer Collective Haul 2016: Clothes, Shoes, Beauty Products and More!

            Can you believe that Summer is almost over in a few weeks? I remember having a summer family outing last March, and we are now on May? Wow! Time flies by really fast. Anyways, I have done a lot of shopping and damage on my wallet in span of a month. There have been sales everywhere and I couldn't resist because it's been a long time since I shopped for clothes that are not from the thrift store. Haha! The Gaisano Malls around Iloilo and Antique have a huge discounts on most of their products recently; I have been into 3 Gaisano Malls lately. I have also done shopping from DAISO and a pop shop. My parents and relatives have also given me some stuff fitted for my Summer-themed haul. I have to remind that this post will be a long one, so grab your snacks and read. :)

Gaisano Malls:
         I recently had a travel and I realized that I didn't bring enough tops to last for a week. Luckily, there's a Gaisano Mall near from the hotel where I was staying. I have browsed some clothing racks for affordable tops. I was there for like 30 minutes; I was rummaging for shirts that would fit my physique but I can't find any because there clothes are too small for my frame. After like a 100 years of searching, I found this cottong v-neck shirt with a colorful Aztec-Oriental pattern. The graphics are so colorful, it definitely screams color. The small pocket detail is so cute too! I thought that this shirt would be perfect for Summer so I bought one. I have not seen this brand on the other 2 Gaisano branches I have to recently; I guess this brand could only be found on Gaisano Guanco branch. If you are wondering, this retails for Php 179. :)

          I went to Gaisano Oton branch two weeks ago and found another sale. OMG! I found this top which I thought was a swimwear. When I looked on the tag, it says that it's for Tennis. Haha! Anyways, I still bought this because will be good for swimming. I do a lot of swimming when I travel and this is perfect. Exposing a lot of skin, especially my big tummy, is not my thing; I only wear sleeveless nylon tops when I go swimming on pools and beaches. Weird, huh? It's actually allowed on most resorts here in Philippines. Anyways, this top is from the brand Kyodan and it's only Php 199.

          Then, I saw this cute shirt from the same mall branch. I just love how the color of the fabric is so bright and vibrant; so summery and loud! This is surprisingly thick and soft to feel at the same time. It doesn't have tag on it so I don't know what brand is this. I definitely sure that it's one of those clothing items that are sold on RTW stores of pop shops. I got this for Php 99 only. 😊

          A week ago, my mama and I went to San Jose, Antique to visit our relatives and had a overnight there. My cousin and I went to there Gaisano Grand Mall (San Jose Branch) and roamed around. They held a midnigt sale that day and I told my cousin that we should get back later in the evening to score on some awesome bargains. I have still bought some things on that afternoon though. Haha! I have found this authentic  Tommy Hilfiger wristlet which stilk has tag on it. I have examined the patterns and I'm quite sure that is a genuine Tommy. Gaisano is one of those malls which sells overruns and old stocks of different brands from the Western brands. This was originally $49 dollars, this is Php 150 in Gaisano. What a bargain! 😉

          I found another bargain while browsing some stuff. I passed by the hair accssesory section and I saw these Goody Ouchless Headbands that is sold for only Php 40. Geez! People sell this Php 600 on ebay! Of course, I picked up the bundle and bought it. Who wouldn't grab the deal, honestly? I love variety in colors; I love how these mayches our color coding in the office. 😎
          I also bought this makeup egg sponge that mimics a Beauty Blender. I can't compare how this feels compared to Beauty Blender because I don't own any. This works nicely on spreading my foundation and concealer. To synchronize with the summer-themed items, I picked the color yellow. It doesn't have a brand on the packaging that it came with. All I know that they sell this for Php 68.
          As I have said earlier, I was planning to got back for the midnight sale. Together with my mama and aunt, we went back to the mall. It was so hot; the management has turned off the aircon to save resources. I thought that was kind of annoying considering that they had a sale going on. Anyways, I was searching around if I could find some nice discounts. All they had was 10-20% discount for women's clothes. It was really disappointing. 😐 I've searced a lot of racks and I couldn't find anything nice that I would pay for. Then, I found this cute royal blue top with cutouts on the sleeves. It has a v-cut low neck and back line, and seems to be baggy because it's the size XL. This was their last piece, and so I have to get it. Haha! This was originally sold for Php 219, down to Php 179. Thanks to the 20% discount! 😀 This is the only thing I got because my family was hurrying to go home because it was almost 12 midnight. Haha!


           I was in search for a nice container to put my clean and unused makeup sponges. I checked Daiso if they have something cute and convetient containers, bottles or boxes. The sale section was seemed a nice place to check on because I found this glass container. It was on sale for only Php 44, from Php 88. As indicated in the label, it's not airtight which doesn't bother me at all. As long as it keeps my sponges clean, we don't have a problem.
          The last thing I picked from Daiso is this baby pink Tin Can that was on their gardening section. Haha! I fell in love with this the first time I saw it. I love that crown-like detailing on the top part; it looks so unsual for a gardenig item. I thought that this would be perfect for displaying my makeup brushes so I bought it right away. My cousin bought one too, just in white. 

Pop Shop at Plazuela:
          About three weeks ago, my officemate and I have done some shopoing at Plazuela. I was amazed that they have actually pop shops at the back; well, I never go there and that's why I was not aware. Haha! My officemate was actually looking for a high-waist pants and I accompanied her around. We have stumbled upon this store selling overruns and old stocks. They have this rack where evething was on sale for Php 100. My friend convinced me to buy because she said that this will suit my skin tone. I was actually afraid that this won't fit me well because of my structure. Obviously, I'm really conscious with my frame and the clothes i wear. Haha! Anyways, I still bought this because I need summer clothes. I like this a lot! There's a picture me wearing this on Instagram. Check my sidebar. 😄
          Just last Thursday, my officemate and I went to Plazuela again. I wanted to back to the store to buy there again. I was disappointed that they were closed when we got there. 20 minutes later, I saw that they have opened tha store. I guess this was a lucky day. I browsed the store and hoped to find something nice. Then, I saw this Forever 21 bodycon sleeveless stripe dress. It has still the $15.50 price tag on it. I though this was such a nice deal, considering that i only have to pay Php 180 for the dress. Yes! Another bargain! 

Items from family:

          Recently, my mommy bought me 2 Nine West shoes because they had a summer sale on Hong Kong. She messaged me on Facebook pictures of shoes so that I could what styles I like. I picked up this strappy sandals and espradille shoes because I don't have anything like them. I'm really thankful for my mommy because she bought me these. I would never buy such expensive shoes on my own. I can't spend that much money yet. Haha! 😁❤

          My uncle also went home recently from Ohio. He lives there together with his family. He went to us, had a little chit-chat, and handed a paper bag of Victoria's Secret to us. It contained VS lotions and bath products and Wet N' Wild Lipsticks. My mama gave me the lispticks because she doesn't wear the shades, which I have swatched above, because she only wear red shades. I also picked up the body scrub because I didn't want the lotions. I'm not a lotion person, and I have bougth lotions from the Nivea Sale. I don't want to have a lot of lotions. Haha!

           Those are the products I have recently haul during this Summer season. I hope you enjoyed this post as I have enjoyed taking pictures of them. What products did you get for Summer? Please let us know by leaving a comment down below. If you have any requests, suggestions and violent reactions, don't hesitate to tell me. Haha! 

          A Happy, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you'll have a great time celebrating your special day. 👸

          Thank you so much for reading and stopping by. I'll talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe. ❤❤

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