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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nivea Haul! 50% Discount On All Items!

          Hey, guys! I have a skincare and hygiene products haul for you today. Nivea is a cult favorite in the Philippines. When people heard about the 50% discount going on, they have rushed to stores and hauled a lot of stuff. I have friends and office mates who have shared a picture their loot on Facebook and Instagram. Some of them have gone crazy and bought a 1-year supply of lotions, face products, deodorants and many more. Haha! Anyways, Nivea's sale started April 14 and will end on the 18th. I suggest have your haul now while supplies lasts. :)

          Last Friday, I went to two Robinsons Supermarket to get some personal stuff. The first grocery that I went to was near my office. I was busy browsing some stuff when I saw my office mates picking up some Nivea products. I remembered that a sale is going on, so I checked the products and see if find something interesting.  I picked up three Nivea things from that supermarket. 

Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser 50 g.
          I'm running out of a face scrub and I'll try to see how this works on my skin. It claims to remove impurities and makeup residues that cause dullness, acne and enlarged pore. My skin is not dull nor dry; my skin has enlarged pores. I'll give this product a shot and I may have a review to see how this works on my oily skin. This face scrub was reduced to Php 49.90.

Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Whitening Deodorant Spray 60 ml
          I have gone through bottles of this during my college days. I loved the product because my underarms stays dry and good smelling all throughout the day. I'm just glad that have now a smaller version, which is perfect for travelling. I also appreciate that the spray can now be locked. I hope they will have a sale again in the future because I'm planning to go back to this deodorant for good. I got this product for Php 54.50.

Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Toner 200mL
          Can you see how big tall this product is?? This will last me for a year! I'm excited to try this toner, together with the face scrub I mentioned above. The products are both on the same skincare line, if you have noticed. I got this big boy for Php 92.50 only. Such a deal!

          My mama had a grocery on an another Robinsons Supermarket and I picked up again 3 Nivea products. Hey, I didn't go crazy. I only got 3 things. Haha!

Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Whitening Roll-On 50 mL
          This is the same line with the deodorant spray I have shown above. I have shown this deodorant on one of my empties post; I have gone through bottles and bottles of this, but the one in the smaller bottle. This actually more affordable than the ones in the tin cans. Regardless of where they are packaged and type of formulation, they still work the same. I got this on a discounted price of Php 49.50.

Nivea Body Lotion Extra Hydration 75 ml
          I bought this because of the "extra fast absorbing" claim they have on the description. I'm not a fan of body lotions in general because most of these products are thick and leaves a sticky feeling. This is perfect for travelling because it's small and won't take the whole space for my toiletries and skin care stuff. This was on sale for Php 29.90. Whoa!

Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF 33 75 ml
          They have a lot of "extra whitening' stuff, huh? I got this mainly because of the SPF 33 that they have on this product. I was intrigued on the texture of this product; I was wondering if this this has a thick, semi-watery consistency like most serums do. I'm planning to mix this with my lotions that don't SPF on them. This is now on sale for Php 57.50. 

          That's all I got from the sale. I didn't get a lot because most of these are new to me and I have tried them before yet. It's better that I'll try these first, see if it works for me, and get another one if I ran out. I don't stocking a lot of stuff because they might go bad before I even touch them. What are you waiting for!? Go now and grab their products. I think this a once in a year sale, like what they did last year. Anyways, my total payment for all of the products is Php 333.80 instead of Php 667.60. It's so amazing! Thank you Nivea for this wonderful sale. :)

          I hope you find this post helpful, especially with products' prices. If you have any Nivea products that you really love, please let me know so I could try them as well. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'll talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO

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