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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Project Makeup Low Buy: March and April 2016 Products

           Hey, guys! Welcome to my new post. Today, I will be showing you the makeup items I have bought for the past couple of months. One of the the challenges I am doing this year is the Project Makeup Low Buy which aims to control my impulsive shopping for makeup, invest on some good makeup brushes and save money. I am allowing myself to buy one makeup item per month, two products if there are sales going on. I am doing good so far, but I just can't that 1 product per month rule. It's just not working for me. Haha! I will not make this post long so I'll go ahead. If you are interested on products I hauled, just keep on reading. :)

March Items:

           iWhite Korea BB. Holic Everyday BB Cream (Light). I bought this because I was thinking of doing a First Impressions Review; I didn't get a chance thought because I didn't have any time to focus on doing so. I opened this about a couple of weeks ago and I like it so far. It has light coverage; lightened my under eye dark circles, gives a smooth finish and smells like peaches. Oh my goodness!! I love how it feels light on my skin and the fact that it has SPF10 PA+. This product would be nice for school as it is perfect for everyday use. It doesn't claim to be oil-controlling so I'm not so sure if this will suit for oily skin. I also do not know if this does last long because I put a cake powder on top. Why don't you give it a try to see if you'll like this too? This is just a trial pack and it's only Php 24.50.
           AVON Simply Pretty Lip Defining Pencil (Nude). I have mentioned this lip liner on my March 2016 Favorites post so I'm not gonna talk long about this product anymore. I love this product so much and I recommend this to all the people who are looking for a good and affordable nude lip liner. To know more about this, read my post here.

          QUICK FX CC Cream. I bought this together with BB Cream I have shown above; I got them on the same day actually. I used this a few times and I like this. It seems to be like a primer as it smooths my skin prior to foundation application. I'm not really sure with the color correct property this product claims since I don't have any redness on my face. The product itself comes off as a light mint green which is used to correct redness around the face. One this I don't like about this is the thickness on its consistency; it feels heavy on my skin and gives a sticky feeling. If you have a normal or dry skin, this product would be nice for you.

          Ever Bilena Advance Blush and Bronzer Duo (Golden Goddess). Lastly, I bought this blush and bronzer duo because people raves about this new products from Ever Bilena. This new additional products to the line came out around January and people were hauling them. This brand has stepped-up the game on their makeup; this brought so much excitement and joy to the people because another affordable makeup products with good quality has entered the market. After a couple months, I decided to jump into the bandwagon and try this particular product because this is the one that kept my interest the most. I have swatched the other duos the have and this is the one I liked (second from my first choice). My first choice was actually out of stock so I picked this one. I love how the bronzer is not overwhelming; I could definitely use this for contouring and get away with it without being noticed. It's matte, not powdery, super soft and glides into the skin smoothly. The blush is gorgeous as it gives a golden sheen on the cheeks; you don't need a highligther with this product. It's not powdery as well and not glittery at all. This duo is good for light-skinned people. Give this a try and you'll love it.

April Items:

          The Balm Autobalm Face California Palette. My wish has been granted! I have finally got this on my hands! The product I have been eyeing over the past couple of years! Haha! I was browsing on e-bay last month and I saw this palette being on a bid starting for only Php 230. I was so happy and when it was relisted, I decided to bid. Luckily, I was the only who seem to be interested on this palette so I grabbed my chance to have this. This has mixed reviews on the internet; some didn't like how the powders are not pigmented enough and some liked the products came in this palette. I swatched these powders and I must say that these aren't the most pigmented. except for the crease/liner shade though. I like blush as it gives a natural flush on my cheeks. The higlighter gives a sheer sheen. The lid shade is so good as a transition shade. The crease/liner shadow is perfect for doing a smokey look and lower lash line accent. Overall, I love this palette. I will continue experimenting on this palette to give an in-depth review. 

          AVON Super Extend Extreme Mascara (Black Brown). I don't like this mascara at all! It's not super extending at all. It's just a regular mascara, in an expensive price. I paid Php 299 for this and I didn't get what I paid for. The wand is so weird; it's big and the brush is sparse. I don't think this applicator will give a extended look. Don't buy this. You'll get pissed. Boo! 

         Those are the products I bought in March and April. I know, I didn't follow my own rules. I'm sorry! But I did good in not spending too much money on makeup. Yay! If you want an in-depth review on any of these products, please let me know. I will gladly do it. I hope you enjoyed reading and learned something in this post. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to leave a comment. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you are having a great day. Stay safe. XOXO

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