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Saturday, April 2, 2016

PMLB: February Items + Mini Reviews

          Project Makeup Low Buy is challenge I have imposed on myself that I should do this year. This project aims to control my makeup purchases per month and save money. I committed to purchase 2 makeup products at most per month; I excluded mascara because I only buy 1 at a time. I promised to show all the products I bought and give reviews. 

             February was the month where I purchased 4 makeup products. Pretty bad, huh? I did not feel bad at all because I knew that I needed the products I bought. An office mate of mine asked me to do her makeup for the department's anniversary celebration, which was held last February 19. Knowing that I need to buy some things, I decided to break my own rules and went on a shopping spree. I picked up a black liquid eyeliner because I didn't have one; I picked up a soft brown brow liner shade because I didn't have any either. Anyways, if you are interested to know the products I bought and my thoughts about them, just keep on reading.

San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)
          I had this eyeliner before, like 6 years ago, and I loved it. I got the brown one during my college days; I remember this liquid eyeliner being easy to use and lasting all day long. I needed a good eyeliner for my office mate who asked me to do her makeup for an event. I used this on her mono lids and they liked the look on her. She is the type of girl who doesn't wear any makeup, not even lipstick. 

          Pigmentation is on its highest level -- vivid at one swipe. It has the typical felt tip applicator which kind of hard to control, on my part at least. The I really love about this product is the longevity. This stays all throughout the day; it doesn't smear and transfer. If you are looking for a good liquid liner that is affordable, get this one. It costs only Php 100. :)

Cherimoya Retractable Waterproof Lip & Liner Pencil (Mahogany)
Cherimoya is a makeup brand that I have never heard before. I saw these liners before, I got curious, I almost bought it, but I didn't. Then, just this February, I went back to the store Branded For Less and finally decided to try this one. I was in need of good lip liner and I thought that this product might work. Since I have been working on a dark berry lipstick for my project pan, I decided to pick this shade in Mahogany -- a deep mauve-brown color. 

          This has a creamy, thick consistency with a nice pigmentation. It feels thick on my lips, not smooth to apply on, and leaves small chunks of product. I think it pretty blends well with the Clinique Different Lipstick in A Different Grape, which is currently on my project pan. Defined lips is what I see when I use this product. I like that seals my lipstick on place. I wouldn't say that I don't like this because I still haven't tried using this on my eyes. It's nice liner though. 

Daiso Brow Liner Slim (Brown)
          I'm not sure if that's the name of the product because it wasn't stated on the packaging. Annoying, eh? I bought this product for the spoolie brush that it came with. I have been meaning to buy a spoolie for my brows, so when I saw this I immediately bought this. I also needed a brown brow liner for my office mate; I didn't think she would jump into my strong brow game. 
          This has a soft touch on my brows; it's not dramatic nor pigmented. I like this when I feel like I need a more natural looking brows without the effort. I need to swipe a couple of times to see a color. The slanted shape is not good for defining although it's slim. This lasts a long time when worn alone. This is a perfect product for on-the-go moments. I recommend checking this one out.

         Those are the makeup products I bought on February. I have mentioned that I bought 4 items but I have only shown 3. The other product has its own post; it's the First Impressions Review: Careline Oil Control Liquid Makeup. If you have any request for an in-depth review on any of these products, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. I will post my March products as soon as I have tried all the products I bought. Thank you so much stopping by. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I hope you are having a great day. Stay safe. 

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