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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gorgeous Princess Nail Art Tutorial

          Hey, guys! How are you? I've got  pretty much long vacation from work starting todqy until Sunday because we are celebrating the Holy Week. It's spiritual practice of Roman Catholics, and other religions who believe in this season , where we observe fasting and abstinence. You might see posts from this blog more often now; I have already finished my subjects for my master's degree and I have just to take my Comprehensive Exam in August in order to proceed to my thesis. This is such a relief for me, guys. I have been working so hard for the last three years; having a work on weekdays and going to school on Saturdays was so hard I almost gave up. Anyways, I will sharing with you a nail art that I have came up with last month. February is the season of proms in the Philippines; I was supposed to post last month but I wasn't able to. If you are interested on how I achieved this design, just keep on reading.

          I was inspired by the Bobbie Royal Caviar Collection in Gorgeous Princess. It was a nail set with a shimmery black nail polish with multi-colored caviar pearls. I believe these came out way back in 2014 and I'm not sure if you can still get them on the market. I was curious as to why a princess would wear a black nail polish? Typically, princesses are loaded with pink and purple clothes and other things, right? How could this set represent a "gorgeous princess"?  A princess in black sounds so gothic. Haha! ☺ I thought that this set was perfect for a masquerade-themed party; I just have to add some jewels and decorations to make it look more alluring. I have decided to mimic a crown for this design.

          Clean nails are happy nails. Clean your nails first before heading to a nail art session. Put some glue around your nails, making sure not touch the nail itself. This will ruin your nail design once you remove the glue on the later part. Why should we put glue? So that it will be easier to clean the mess after you're done putting your nail polish. Let it dry for a while so it won't mix with the nail polish.

You will be needing these items for the design:
  • Any black nail polish would do
  • Caviar pearls - any color would do
  • Nail gems - you could find these on department stores and craft stores
  • Nail tattoos - you could find these on department store or novelty stores
  • Glue - for cleaning up the mess later on
  • Water - for the nail tattoos
  • Scissor - for cutting the nail tattoos
  • Patience and perseverance!

          This is the closer look of the caviar pearls. A combination of blue, green and pink pearls is kinda cute, eh? 😉

To achieve the nail design, follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply a base coat of your choice. Let it dry for a while, and apply a black nail polish.
  2. While the lacquer is still wet and sticky, choose a gem of your taste and press it hard on your nails. Put in a higher position so there's still a space for the nail tattoo later. As you can see on the picture, I have put to gems on my thumb because there was still a lot of space. 
  3. Cut a part of the nail tattoo of your liking. Choose a design that has a mettallic finish and imitates the edges/curves of a crown. Soak it into the water for 10 seconds. Pick the tattoo and place it facing your nails. Gently slide the paper on the tip of your nails. Make sure to fit the nail tattos first on the tip of your nails in order not waste a lot of product. Be sure to be quick in adjusting the tattoo if there are any misalignments because the tattoo stick into the nails really fast.
  4. For the accent nail, dip you ring finger into the caviar nails. This will speed up the application of pearls into the nails. Tap you your finger to remove the excess caviar pearls.
  5. Press the decorations really hard to ensure that they won't fall easily. Apply a top coat, repeat if necessary. Let it dry. 
  6. Remove the glue around your nails slowly. You will see that gives a cleaner edges because the excess nail polish went on the glue, not on the skin.
  7. Have a picture of your nails and post it on Instagram! Haha! 📷

          This is the nail design I came up with. What do you think of this? If you'll remake this, please tag me on Instagram so I could see your creation. It looks hard to do, but it's super easy. It doesn't a professional skill to do this design. Just choose the right items and you'll end into something amazing. 😃

          If you enjoyed this tutorial, share this post to others. Please let me know your thoughts, requests, and suggestions by leaving a comment down below. I hope you liked this nail art. Thank you so much for stoppig by and reading this post. I will talk to you again. Have a nice day. Stay safe. ❤❤

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