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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pan That Palette Challenge 2016 Update #1

          Pan That Palette is a challenge started by Amber F of YouTube beauty vloggers. A challenge where a person basically chooses a palette of her choice, try to use it all up or hit the pans in a year, and give updates of the progress every month or on a certain period. People who are doing this challenge have made some alterations on the rules and twists on the time span they are going to do challenge. Amber says that the aim of this challenge is to to know oneself; I guess to know how far will one go to use a palette, if he/she will get tired. The point is, it will test your perseverance.  

          I started doing this challenge last year. I was not quite successful in hitting the pan last year, so I decided to continue the challenge this year with the same palette I picked up. I really like this Avon The Greens 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette; I want to get a good use out of it before it goes bad because I love the colors that this contains and I don't want to waste my money. I am doing my first update; I can tell you that there's a lot of progress yet. If you are still interested, just keep on reading. This won't take long. :)

         P.S. There's a slight difference on the tones of the eye shadows in the pictures because of the different lighting setups. 
          Shade 1: There's not a lot of dent made since my introduction post. The main reason why I still haven't hit pan on this though I use this always is because I just put this on my inner tear ducts. I don't use this on my entire lids because it's so sheer. I can hopefully hit the pan in a couple of months. 
          Shade 2: I can see a wider dent on this shadow, comparing to my introduction post, as shown in the picture above. It's a pretty gold shade, but it has a lot of glitter fallout. This is a nice topping on my neutral shadows. I'll use this shade as my lid color on for a week straight so I could hit the pan faster.
           Shade 3: I still don't use this pastel mint green because it doesn't show up on my lids nicely. The shadow looks pretty and wearable, but it barely shows once I put it on my eyes. I'll try to put on a green eyeshadow base and see if the color shows. 
          Shade 4: I can see some deeper dent going on here. This dark pine green color has a nice pigmentation and color truly shows on eyes. I have not used this on my entire lids yet because I'm scared that it won't look good on my brown eyes. I use this sometimes on my outer-V and lower lash line. I'll be hitting pan on this at about three months from now. Hopefully.
          Shade 5: This pale pink-taupe shade is a gorgeous color all over the lids. It's neither warm nor cool; I can pretty much see that it's on the neutral realm. I have used this a lot of shade last year so I don't use this anymore. I still love this shade but I need to focus on other shades. 

          Shade 6: I'm always using this moss green shadow on my outer-V to give my look a nice accent. It cannot be really seen on the picture, but I have made a deeper dent on this shade. I think I'm gonna be hitting pan on this shadow this month.
          Shade 7: There's not a lot of progress on this beautiful teal-cerulean blue shadow. I don't use this a lot because I think it's inappropriate for the office. I use this sometimes to top my eyeliner on my lash line to give a nice accent. I think I will use this a lot during  the Summer season.

          Shade 8: I have already hit pan on this brown shade so I don't use this much these days. As I have said, I need to focus on the other eye shadows. 

         I am gonna try to hit the pan on Shade 2 and Shade 6 this month. I feel really good with this year on my makeup projects. I think I'm doing great and looking forward for a successful 2016. What projects are you currently doing? Are you doing good so far? Please let us know by leaving a comment down below. I'll see talk to you on my next update. Thank you so much for visiting. Hoping you have great day. Stay safe. XOXO


  1. Oh y god, I'm not sure I can hit eyeshadow pan.
    Since I have way too many eyeshadow. I hope you can finish this project :)


    1. Really? You could hit pan eye shadows by constantly using one in a month. I also focus on a single area so that the dips will go deeper each day. In that way, I could reach the pan faster.

      Thank you so much, Indira! :)