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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pan That Palette Challenge 2016: A Continuation

          Hello, wonderful people of the world! Yesterday, I posted about the Products I Want To Use Up in 2016, and today I am going to talk about my Pan That Challenge 2016. If you have been a read for a long time, you know that I have started this project last year; I used my Avon The Greens 8-in-1 eyeshadow palette (click for the link). I have come to a decision to continue using this particular palette for 2016 because I come to love this palette. Since I have started digging in to this palette, why not finish it all?

          For a throwback, here's a photo of this palette prior to last year's challenge. It's pretty untouched as you can see. I liked this the moment I received (form an order) it; it's just that ii have other eyeshadows that I used so I can't focus on this. That was the reason why I used this product for this challenge. After 8 months of using it, I have
come to love it. Like really love it. Haha! ☺

          Shade 1 - A shimmery white eyeshadow with gold flexes; could be seen when swatched. I like putting this on my inner corners because it's brightening, though it has a lot of glitters to it. I will try my very best to have a lot use of this and hit the pan before the 4th quarter hits.

          Shade 2 - A warm gold shimmery shade which apparently has orange undertone to it. I cannot exactly describe the color of this eyeshadow; I even searched on Google what kind of gold is this but I can't really figure out. Haha! Anyways, I like this shadow but it has glitters chunks to it and falls out a lot. It's nice on lids; gives an unsual vibrance to brown eyes. 

          Shade 3 - A mint baby green shade that isn't pigmented at all. It looks like a shimmery white shade on the lids. I have no idea on how should I incorporate this with other colors, honestly speaking. Haha! I barely touch this product; no dent at all.

          Shade 4 - Appears to be a pine green color but is darker when swatched. I always use this on the outer corners of my lids. I might try experimenting this more on my center lids. I'm kind of scared to use this as my main color because I don't if this could be pulled-off by my brown eyes. What do you think, guys? I always use this on my lower lash line to have that nice effect on my look. Hopefully, I could reach the pan just on time.

          Shade 5 - A seashell color with pink undertones; seems like a pale taupe shade. This shadow have gotten so much love. I have actually hit pan on this eyeshadow even before I have dropped the palette. I'm so careless. Sorry! This is the shade I put on my entire lids if I don't what look I should make. It's so pretty!

          Shade 6 - A combination between olive and moss green. I like this shadow to put on my outer-v and lower lash line. I have not used this on my entire lids; I also don't know if I could pull this off.  This shadow has received a lot of love too, as per evidence on the dent I made.

          Shade 7 - A cerulean blue mixed teal shade eyeshadow; I just can't describe exactly. Whatever this color is, I know that this belongs to the blue family. Haha! It's so pretty on my brown eyes, especially for accents. I use this on top of my eyeliner and sometimes on my lower lash line. It makes my brown eyes pop. You can see a dent as well. I hope I would hit the pan on a few months. 

          Shade 8 - A medium brown shimmery eyeshadow with silver glitters in it. I use this on as my crease shade, sometimes on the lower lash line to tone down the greens and blues I put in it. Yay! I've hit pan on it. I might just use it up this year.

          Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows. They have a nice pigmentation and easy to blend, though some are little bit chalky. That's okay. I like this palette a lot. Anyways, I will give updates every month so you could see my progress. I will take my time to give updates this year because I didn't have any last year. 

          Are doing this challenge too? Can you tell us what palette are you using for this challenge? Let us know by leaving a comment below. ☺ Thank you so much for stopping by and read this post. If you like my blog, you are welcome to subscribe. My links are posted on the sidebar. I hope you are having a great day. I'll talk to you soon. Stay safe. XOXO

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