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Friday, June 12, 2015

Project Pan 2014 Updates: I Replaced Some Products

            Project Pan or Project 10 Pan is one of those beauty challenges going on the community for years and years. What it is? It is a beauty project where a person pick up products, mainly makeup items, that she wants to use up or hit pan. Beauty enthusiasts have created different versions and rules of the project, but the goal is to use up products and to save money by not buying makeup products on a targeted time frame. Mostly, people do it for months and months until a long year. It is really up to the person on how she will do the project.

          I started this Project Pan last year, way back in July. I was too ambitious to aim using up a lot of products which I didn't like on the first try. It was like I was forcing myself to eat a food  I hate. I have to admit, there were products included on the project that I have just thrown or given away because I cannot stand using them. I will be giving some mini reviews and show you the products I have replaced on the items I have thrown or given away. 

           My rules are still the same and I will be sticking up to them until I finish this project. Here:

  • I will not allow myself to buy all types of makeup products that are included in this project. For example, I included eyeshadows, so I won't be buying any until I finish this challenge.
  • Though I'll buy beauty products whenever I ran out them. Like mascaras, face wash, primers, foundations, powders, those products that I buy one at a time. 
  • I will be using products that are not on this list along with the products that I will be mentioning.
  • I don't have a specific time goal so this go on for months and months.

Original products on this project:

          MAC Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow in All That Glitters  - As you can see, I have hit pan on this rocker. Yay! I have since 2011, I have used this a million times, but I haven't hit its pan until recently. Isn't this is a big achievement in the beauty community? I mean, who hits pan on a MAC eyeshadow easily? Their quality, consistency and color pay-off is good, you don't need a lot to get a  lot. I commit myself to continue using this until it's completely gone. That's how much I adore this eyeshadow. :)

MAC Lustre Eyeshadow in Honey Lust

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Lemongrass

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Green Olive

          The evidence is so elusive; I haven't used that much these three eye shadows the entire duration of this project. The MAC one is so glittery, it scatters on my face when I apply it. The two Mary Kay eye shadows are okay but I don't find myself reaching for them. I need to find a motivation in order to hit the pans of these eye shadows. Haha! :)

       Products I have switched (with the previous ones):

Elf Studio Blush in Ticked Pink

San San Age Defense Lipstick 03

Etude House Look At My Lips Lipstick (Bright Baby Pink)

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in Dark Grey

IN2IT Supreme Waterproof Eyeliner (Black)

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Pink

            I know that there's a lot of eyeshadow products included in this project, but I'm determined to hit pan on these. I plan to use up the pencils and the lipsticks, and hit pan on the blush. I hope I can achieve my goals before 2016 arrives. I don't have the biggest makeup collection, but I still have a lot compared to the average makeup users. Haha! I aim to save money and put it on my bank instead of buying so much makeup. :)

           Those are all of the products included in this ongoing challenge. I hope you are inspired to the same because it will help a lot in saving money. Haha! I'll give updates as much as I can. Busy days are fast approaching. I hope I can still blog at least once a month. I'll talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO


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  2. Hi Sylden!

    The San San and Etude house's lipstick colors grab my attention among others.. But I was curious if that San San lipstick is a bit glittery? cos it seems to have glitters in it, or was it just because of the shot?

    Btw, I just followed you on Twitter and Bloglovin.. It would be great if we both follow each other hihi

    Jhem |