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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Look: That Little Black Dress

              Spring is the perfect time to be fun, cheerful and do anything under the sun. It is this season that the flowers start to bloom, as well as the beauty and talent people hide. DailyLook inspires fashion addicts and self-expressive stylistas to make their own signature look. As of today, they are encouraging bloggers all over the world to create looks for Spring using their Little Black Dresses. This was a bit tad challenging to me; I've never experienced Spring before since I live in a tropical country and a black dress for the said season seemed to be out way. 

Beautysets - Spring Look: The Little Black Dress

          I chose this quarter-sleeved black lace dress as my center piece, the SAYLOR Charlotte Crochet Lace Dress, the one featured on the collage above. I know I went daring as I matched the rockstar with a neutral knee-high leather boots, thinking this would tone down the dress. Then I imagined this getup with a leather knapsack and a peach scarf with fringes to give a playful, feminine, soft vibe. I opted for a classic black wrist watch so it would not overdo the look. Wearing hoop earrings with this outfit is a fashion risk, but then, why not?  Haha! :) Lastly, I added a round sun glasses, you know, it could get a little way too sunny on a Spring and you need something to protect your eyes. 

        As a beauty blogger that I am, I just cannot forget to add makeup on this outfit. While I was making my Style Set, I pictured out myself wearing the outfit with a makeup look I would take it with. I would go for a neutral almost pastel soft eye look, pale peach blush and a bright berry not-so-red lipstick.  To finish it off, I would go for a bright nail polish, giving a pop of color on the outfit.

          Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer Collection 2015 was my inspiration. Their designs seem to speak about me; comfortable yet stylish. If I have this pieces, I would definitely wear them. I created the look not just for the sake of creating one, I made this because I imagined myself wearing it on a lazy school day. How I wish we have Spring. Haha!

              So, that's it for this Spring Look. What do you think, guys? Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below. I'll to you soon. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day. Stay safe. 

Lots of love XOXO,

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