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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hair Getaways: Turn That Messed Up Curls Into A Pretty Style (No Heat!)

          Hello! It's been a while a since I posted something mainly about hair. As a matter fact, I never blogged a single post regarding hair styles. One of the reasons is that I don't have a photographer that will take pictures if ever I'll do tutorials. I remember posting a Permed Daily Hair Care Routine way back in 2013. I guess I should do an updated one, eh? Anyways, this post is about a messed up planned hair style which I turned into a decent pretty look. Haha!

The Story

         Before I'll show you my trick, let me first tell you behind this. Our agency's anniversary was held last February 6, 2015; the motif was Filipiniana-inspired outfit. To cut the story short, I borrowed a gown (shown above)  from my boyfriend's sister because I didn't have extra bucks to buy one. I didn't have a certain hair style on my mind to match with the gown so I  just put on curling levers on my hair. Thinking I'll come up with a nice updo the next morning upon removing the levers. 

         As I removed the levers the next morning, the curls didn't turn out to be even; others were loose, some were tight and the rest sections didn't even formed waves. That's a big time crap, right? I slept with those levers, sacrificing the comfort factor, then it turned out to be just not right. I was disappointed.

What I did?

         Basically, what I did was to pin with bobby pins the front part of my hair to the back, on both sides. Then I collected all of my hair and settled it on one side.

           The fun part have began here. Since the curls were a mess, what I did was to wrap the curls to each other, forming like a telephone wire. I was able to hide the sections that wasn't curled. I was contented with I've come up and see the picture below for the final look. I applied a curl enhancer mousse on the for a long lasting style and to polish it off.

          The photo below shows a close look of the final style and face of the day in a natural light. My eye look was darker than what the picture projects, I wore fuchsia lip stain on my lips. As you can notice, my hair part was not even and I didn't had a any intentions in doing so. Anyways, I think it looked just fine. What do you think, guys? :)

             I apologize for not having decent pictures because I didn't plan on posting. But then I shared because I want to give ideas and tell my hair adventures. :) What are your thoughts regarding this post? Did you like the style? Please let me know by leaving a comment down below. I would really appreciate it. :) So, that's it for now. I'll talk to you again soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe.

Lots of love XOXO.


  1. Those curls are so pretty! :) Great blog
    -Jenna <3
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  2. Thanks, Jenna! I'm glad you stopped by. :) I'll check your blog as well. Have a great day! :)