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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Baguio City Getaway: OOTDs for the Cold Weather

          Hey, guys! I went to Baguio City with my family, we had our Summer vacation there. Baguio City is a cold place, no doubt with that. As a first time visitor, I think I dressed up a little too much during Day. Haha! I was expecting that it would be cold like Winter. Haha! :) Anyways, my key piece on this travel was my sneaker wedges, which you have seen a lot already. I will never get tired wearing these because they are the cosiest shoes ever. They feel like boots when you put them on. I got sick the entire vacation that's why I didn't wear makeup. I apologize if I looked like crap on these pictures. 

An awkward pose at a garden near the Hall of Justice.

          Day 1: This day's outfit was pretty neutral in colors and simple in style. I want something comfortable yet stylish. I got inspired by the Autumn/Winter outfits I see on YouTube and magazines. If you don't know yet, I live in the Philippines. which is a tropical country. We don't have Spring, Autumn and Winter. We only have dry and wet seasons. Going up on the mountainous province of Benguet is a perfect idea if you want a cold summer. 

Sitting on a tree inside the Burnham Park.

         I opted for a charcoal wool top and a patterned skirt paired with black leggings. I also wore a brown-beige suede hoodless jacket to put a little of color on my outfit. I got the top, skirt and jacket on various thrift stores. My leggings and shoes were given by my family. The picture above shows how the getup looks like without the jacket. This outfit warmed me enough against the gloomy skies and chilly weather that day. What can you say about the first outfit? Let me know your thoughts. :)

A shot in the middle of Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

         Day 2: We had a semi-tour on Benguet during 2nd Day of vacation. Our first destination was in La Trinidad, the town next to Baguio City. As you can see on the photo above, there are different plants planted but most of them are strawberries, that's why this placed is called Strawberry Farm. The weather in there is warm and sunny. My outfit went perfectly with the temperature; not too hot nor too cold. 

A photo with the pink-haired horse at Mines View Park.

        During the tour, I wore a mint green V-neck shirt from Aeropostale paired with a sky blue skinny pants gave by my mommy. I wore the same shoes, a sneaker wedge from Adidas. To add a little decoration on my outfit, I hanged a tri-color scarf with sequins from Mogao. My ears easily get cold so I also wore a gray bonnet which I bought from the Night Market at Baguio City. :)

          I wasn't able to take pictures of my 3rd day outfit because we went home early. We caught the bus that leaves 10:30 am for Manila, a 6-hour long trip from Baguio City. Anyways, what can you say about my outfits? Did you like those? Or not? Please let me know. Don't worry, I'll post my adventures on our tour. So expect for more posts about the travel. :) I'll talk to you soon. Thanks for stopping by. :) Have a nice day. Stay safe always. XOXO