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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Favorite Eyeliner (30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge)

        A Blessed Sunday to everyone! I came home an hour ago from church. Today, I will officially start the 30 Day Blog Challenge which was popular back in 2011. I will be doing this finally, hoping I can get through this. The first on the list is to blog about your favorite eyeliner.

San San Gel Eyeliner (Black)
        So far, this eyeliner from San San is my favorite. I don't if I have mentioned this before; I have a hate and relationship with their makeup products. But, this particular product is amazeballs. It's pigmented enough for it to be buildable. It's long lasting; stays all day long and does not smudge. This perfect for the lash line and waterline, though I find it really annoying for tight line as it transfers to the waterline. I use the Revlon Eye Liner Brush for this gel liner. Overall, it's great. :)

Excuse my amateur application. ~,~

It's a little bit dry by now because I had this way back in February.

I hope you try eyeliner, it's affordable. :)

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