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Saturday, November 9, 2013

30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge: I Accept :)

       How's everyone? Are you safe? Yesterday was really frightening because of the storm Yolanda. A lot of properties at the coastal were destroyed here in our province, even in the farms. Let's pray for the fast healing and recovery of the Philippines. :) Anyways, I decided to do the 30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge which can be found all over the net. By the ways, credits to the one who originated this particular challenge. This was popular back in the days but I was not able to do it on my previous blog. Now is my chance to do this.  I will be updating everyday which is really challenging considering my schedule but I'm totally into this. Hopefully, I'll be successful without skipping a day. 

Here are the challenges:

  1. Favorite Eyeliner
  2. Favorite Bag That You Own
  3. Favorite Brush
  4. Favorite Foundation
  5. Favorite Makeup Brand
  6. Anything Hello Kitty
  7. Favorite Animal
  8. Top 3 Favorite Clothing Brands
  9. Favorite Pair of Shoes
  10. Current Style That You Like
  11. Bag You Would Like to Have
  12. Favorite Color
  13. Photo of Your Fashion / Style Icon
  14. Photo of a Hairstyle / Haircut You Currently Like
  15. Photo of Your Favorite Bracelet
  16. Favorite Nail Polish
  17. Fashion Pieces That Are On Your Wish List
  18. Favorite Beauty Guru
  19. Favorite Look From A Beauty Guru
  20. Favorite Mascara
  21. Favorite Lipstick
  22. What Makes You Happy
  23. Favorite Lip Balm
  24. Favorite Blush
  25. Favorite Body Lotion
  26. Favorite Perfume
  27. Favorite Skincare Product
  28. Favorite Face Powder
  29. Photo of Something That Makes You Go "Aww"
  30. Holy Grail Beauty Item
      I will start tomorrow as much as possible. I hope you are all okay and away from danger. Have a great day. Stay safe. XOXO


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