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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hoop Earrings Collection

        Hello, guys! How are you? I have been busy the past couple of weeks, from family events to school matters. I have also done some repainting of furniture on my room, I have redecorated it. I also shopped for Christmas decorations for our home. Holidays is in the atmosphere! Hoping I could blog about it soon.  I'm really sorry for the inactivity, I really do. :) 

      Hoop earrings have been in trends for an endless time. They are popular from then until now; very fashionable and looks classy. They give a polished look in almost any outfit they are matched with. I have collected a lot of these way back during my college days. Unfortunately, I lost most of them and these are what's left on my collection. I used to buy plain silver hoops, but then I've seen daring ones from various people so I bought different styles. I was inspired by JoJo to wear hoops, she's one of my fashion inspirations actually.

       I got this black pair at Broadway Gems for Php 20 a few years ago. Michelle Phan was my inspiration for this; she was a wearing black hoop at her Mascara Business Card Trick video. It rocked on her so I looked one for myself. I couldn't find a round one so I opted for this flower-shaped pair. By the way, MP rocks back then. I don't watch her videos anymore. :( 

        These blue hoops are from Shop and Match. If I'm not mistaken, this was around Php 12. I got this pair during the summertime. Thought this was really cute because of the chain attached to it. There were other colors available but this was the most appealing to me. Perfect for the beach.

       These next two pairs are from the brand Angelina; it was available at Robinson's Department (Iloilo) back then. I think this was Php 50 each. I bought these way back in 2011. These are thicker than usual hoops, giving a retro vibe. I got them in hot pink and red. I haven't actually used the red one still. Haha! :) 

      I got this recently at Ingmar (Marymart Mall). I lost all of my silver hoops so I bought a new one. I love the width and style. Perfect for casual and special occasions. My obsession this month.

      This pair was from Jellybean, was originally Php 199 down to Php 50. Isn't that amazeballs? This has faux Swarovski colorful stones. It's thicker than usual. One of my favorites from this collection. Perfect for special occasions. 

         This is the most amazing hoops earring I ever owned! It looks classy, not trashy. The dangling flower chains are gorgeous. I just wish I got this as a genuine gold jewelry. This pair was from Forever 21, from Php 285 down to Php 99. I remember Britney Spears wearing something like this at her I'm A Slave 4 U music video. Her hoops is even more fabulous. Check the video. :)

       This pair is some sort of like a Tibetan / Bohemian inspired. I cannot exactly explain what this is. It looks fab but I haven't worn this yet. Haha! I need more inspirations. This was also from Shop&Match.

     That's all for this collection. If you want to see these earring worn one by one, check my Instagram account. My links are listed on the sidebar and below this post. I gave away half of my accessories because it's trashing my room. I've done some cleaning a few months ago. I'm considering collecting genuine jewelry for investments. What do you think guys? I have a product empties post coming up. Thank you so much for reading. Talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO

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