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Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY: Homemade Bookmarks

       A Blessed Sunday to all of you! There's a lot of things that I'm so grateful about. How was your week, guys? Anyways, here's another money-saving DIY project. It's just simple and really easy to make. I'm pretty much sure you have most of these material at your homes. This is really useful if you need a lot of bookmarks but doesn't want to spend much. If you want to know how did I made these, just keep on reading. I hope you give this a try. :)

Materials Needed:

A pair of scissors.

Empty boxes.  

Decorative tapes. You can buy these at any supplies or crafts stores.

Yarn as the marker. You can also use paper twines and any thing that you would want to use as a marker.



1. Open the upper and bottom part of the box. 

2. Cut out the front and back label of the box. This will serve as the body.

3. Punch a hole on the upper center of the body.

4. Put tapes on each side of the body. This will make the body sturdy and will prevent any tearing. You can do it the other way around for a neater appearance. Put the tape first and punch it.

5. Cut a fair amount of yarn, or any thing you want to use as a marker.

6. Fold the marker evenly. Insert the loop on the body's hole. Follow what's shown in the image.

6. Insert the lower part of the marker on the loop. Pull it until it's already tight. And it's done!

7. This part is optional. If you don't want a plain and boring bookmark, decorate the body with stickers. Just be creative in making designs. =)

I got 10 new bookmarks. Yay!

I made these way back in July. 

Lots of bookmarks. I'm in love with these! :)

        How was the DIY? Did you like it? Let me know. Comments really enlighten. Please send me a picture if you tried these. I wanna see your versions. Sorry, I'm in a hurry. I still have to attend a mass. Have a nice day. Stay safe. God Bless! :) XOXO

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