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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Collective Beauty Haul + Good News!

       Hello! I've finally found a time for this blog. Yay! As I have said before, I'm busy working my way to the Graduate School. I went back to the university yesterday and a good news came in. I was exempted for the interview because I got an above average score on the entrance exam. Oh my goodness! I made it! This is one of the happiest days of my life! I'm so proud of my self. :) I'm not being haughty, okay? It's just I wanted to share the good news. Then, I also got a job interview last Saturday and it went well. I think that I might be able to get the job. :)

       Anyways, I'll be doing a haul post. Since I have done fashion posts the previous month, I decided to give more attention to beauty products this time.  I have accumulated a lot of stuff recently from various stores. I got some makeup items, hair stuff and nail lacquers. Some of these were purchased last month. Without further talking, I'll show you now the products.

        I went to Watson's a few weeks ago just to check out what's new on the store. I was browsing the hair section and I saw this hair lotion for curly or permed hair. It was from Monea, called Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion. I picked it up to try if it's good too. I thought to give it a try because this sounds promising, thinking that this would be better better because it has milk. Besides, I'm already running low on my Dove Damage Therapy Curl and Sculpt Defining Mousse. I've already tried this and I have mixed feelings about this. I will review if I have formulated my firm and final judgment on this. As I have said before, my hair is permed. I have post all about it in here: Daily Products for My Permed Hair.

Monea Curl Defining Milk Hair Lotion / Php 99
     Then, I also got a skincare product. It's the RDL Clarifying Toner. This was the only toner I could find on the face section. I don't buy toner usually because I already have loads of stuff for my face. I decided to buy again because my skin needs a little help, it's been drying lately (though I have a oily skin). I was surprised when I opened the box because product is in a neon pink color. A little bit scary for a drugstore product. I thought that this would my skin because of the cheap price, but it didn't. I have been loving this since I tried it. This baby would most probably on my October Favorites.

RDL Clarifying Toner / Php 36.75
      A week and a half has passed, I went to another Watson's store to check some of their nail polish. I think I'm becoming more obsessed with nail polish than I do with makeup. Is that a good thing? Or is it scary? Anyways, I didn't find anything that amazed with so picked up two blue nail colors and a top coat, also in blue, from the brand My Polish. The brand is new to me, so I decided to try their lacquers and see if I'll like them. The color payoff isn't that great. It comes off sheer, 3 coats for opacity. I don't know if I'll get products from the brand again.

My Polish Nail Polish in Aquamarine / Php 16
My Polish Nail Polish in Neon Blue / Php 16
My Polish Top Coat / Php 16

       After my trip from Watson's, I headed to Saizen. It's a Japanese all-in-one store selling all of their items from Php 88. I was debating to my self whether to get a makeup item or not. Most of their stuff were from Taiwan which seems really odd and doubtful. Meaning that people will not be getting Japanese quality because their items were manufactured in Taiwan. But, I found my self buying an eye shadow palette in purple shades. I particularly bought it for the gray eyebrow powder that came with it. I don't use brown shades for my brows. The shadows are chalky, glittery and sheer. That's okay because it was cheap. Haha!

Diamond Eye Shadow and Eyebrow in Purple / Php 88
        My last stop at the mall was HBC. If you don't know, I'm one of their members. :) I wanted to purchase a lippy in a lighter shade. As you have noticed, I have been using bold colors the past month. I wanted something toned down and isn't dramatic. I was swatching their testers on my hand when I stumbled upon this peachy nude lipstick. I immediately purchased it because it was the most beautiful nude lip color I've ever seen. Something that isn't pink. It has SPF too. Cool! It looks dark on the picture. My camera didn't pick the color well.

San San Age Defense Lipstick in 03 / Php 109
       The last products I got are also nail polish. Okay, I'm getting crazy. Haha! Anyways, I bought these from a local boutique here in our town. I forgot the name of the shop. Geez, Sylden. Haha! I didn't find anything exciting at the store until I saw their nail polish rack. I instantly browsed it and got 3. All of them are in the shades of green. They were made in China. They don't have names. I'll have the swatch of the last one on my Instagram account. My feed's on the sidebar. 

      That's it for my haul. Did find anything interesting? Do you have any products that you want me to try? Let me know. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. More upcoming posts, I promise. Thank you so much for reading. Talk to you soon. Have a nice day. Stay safe. :D
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