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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Collective Fashion & Beauty Haul | June 2013

     Hello! First of all, I want to apologize for being inactive the past week. I got sick, my fever was on and off, my muscles ached and I got rashes all over my body. I thought it was dengue because I was bitten by a mosquito on my right leg last Monday morning. A CBC test was done and thankfully, it was negative. My mom said it could be German measles because they have similar symptoms. I'm doing well know though my joints still ache a bit. :)

     Today, I'm going to show you the fashion items and beauty products I bought recently. I went back and forth to the mall these past couple of weeks to search and buy items that were on sale. SM North Edsa had a huge sale which started last last week. All of the boutiques had discounts and I couldn't just let it pass because I'm a shopaholic and discount is my best friend. Please be reminded that I didn't get these items in one day and I'm in no way bragging.

     Last June 12, Independence Day, I bought a dark maroon minaudiere from Mags. I wanted a bag like this for so long because I'm tired of bringing big ones when I go shopping. I wanted something that's easy to carry on my shoulders but still look stylish. I opted for this one because it's simply cute and would look good on any outfit. It was originally around 800 bucks but they had 10% discount on their bags. I'm sorry, I forgot the exact prices. :)

     We went back to the mall  during Father's Day and they still had sale and so I didn't let the opportunity to pass. I was eyeing the buy 1 take 1 for Php 495  promo of Jellybean and I've seen at my previous visit that most of them were bottoms. I decided to go back and purchase jeans because I haven't bought one in more than half a year.  I went there and tried some of their pants. Nothing would fit me and they were running out of stock. So, I searched again and I found a maxi skirt and a cotton flare pants. I didn't like either of them on me because still nothing looked good on me. I really wanted to avail the promo so I searched again. I found two skirts that I thought would look well on me and I bought them. No more fitting because I was already tired. Hehe! :D


     Then, this Sunday I went to SM again to score on some cute items. I was strolling around and got dizzy because the mall is always crowded with people. I decided to check Forever 21's accessories. I got a pale faux gold bow necklace for 105 bucks. It's adorable and delicate. Perfect for everyday wear!

    Then I went to Genevieve Gozum to buy some cute belts. I was eager to have belts fitted on my waist for accenting my dresses. And luckily, I saw this skinny stretchy belts for 50 bucks each. By the way, they have cute locks! 

     That's it for the fashion stuff. Now, we will jump in to the beauty products. I just what I needed. There's no single makeup item which is something to proud of! Yay! :) I don't want this post to be super lengthy I'll just show the products.
ESKINOL Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser and Dove White Beauty Bars
Clean&Clear Deep Action Cleanser and Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner

    And that's it. If you have questions about the items shown above please ask. I'll respond ASAP. Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day! Talk to you soon. Bye. :D

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