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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Project Pan Roulette 2016: Give Love On April

          Hi! I'm Sylden and welcome to my blog. :) For today's post, I will talking about Project Pan Roulette and what are the products I have included on this challenge. Project Pan Roulette is basically a challenge where you pick products of certain categories, use those items, giving your self a time frame, but done in a roulette style. I have never seen a vlogger/blogger who had used an actual roulette (Haha!)  to pick their products; I have seen some people write the product categories on papers, roll them and pick as many as they want. Usually, people will switch products every 2 months, when a season ends, or when a certain date comes (i.e. 4th of July). In my own interpretation, I think that this project aims mainly to use products in a switching manner on a year, or for a period of time.

          If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I currently have 3 projects going on. I have only been focusing on the products that are included on my projects, thus, ignoring my other makeup items. I see this Project Pan Roulette as an opportunity to use my other products, while I have things that I need to use up. I would like to give my products some attentions, even if I'm focusing on certain things. I decided to give this project a try; I made up my mind to switch products every month. :) Anyways, I did the rolled paper thing to pick my 10  products, and I would like to give a shout out to Megan for the Project Pan Roulette Category Ideas. The following are the categories I got to pick for the month of April:

A product you regret buying:

          Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Color (Cherry Red). I regret buying this because I don't like that this like an actual tattoo. I have to wait 10 minutes for to peel off the product on my lips. The color swatch on pictures is actually misleading; the online seller posted pictures with vivid swatches. The seller didn't tell me right away that I need to peel off this thing on my lips. This a Korean product and the box that it came with did't had any English words. The product itself isn't long lasting at all. I have eaten once and the stain had visible marks of fading. I have ignored this product ever since, but I need to use this again so I won't waste the money I paid for this. 

Your most recent purchase:

          Quick FX CC Cream. I bought this last March 29, together with a BB Cream and a blush/bronzer duo. I chose this one because I'm currently using this as my base for my face. I'm still forming my thoughts about this. Anyways, I'll just keep using this product so I could give you my opinion about it towards the end of the month.

Your oldest blush:

          REVLON A Floral Affair Collection Blush (Pinking of You). I have this blush for 6 years! Can you imagine that?! I bought this on November 2009 and this is the first blush on my collection. This product contain 3 shades of pink, but if you mix the 3 together, you'l get a barbie pink shade. This has a matte finish, which I really appreciate now. I just don't why I didn't even hit pan on this. Haha! The smell stayed the same over the years. Yay! I know I'll get use a lot of this blush this April. It's perfect for Summer!

A long-time favorite:

          San San Waterproof Mascara (Thick Lash). I have already talked so much about this product already. I have gone through 3 bottles of this mascara already. I kept on coming back for this products because it gives my lashes a nice amount of drama, not the overwhelming, shocking kind of drama. I love this for everyday use because it stays all day long and is definitely waterproof. 

Your favorite body lotion:

          Vaseline Body Lotions. I love the lotions from Vaseline! I have used some of them and I loved all of them. They're formulas are non-greasy, even the thick ones. They don't leave a sticky feeling on my skin which I really love. This brand is my favorite for body lotion. Anyways, I think I'll use up this product in a week, or 2 weeks. I'll see.

A metallic product:

          Essence Crystal Eyeliner (Rosy Rush). This is the closest one I have to a metallic product. I love how the glitters are so fine; they feel like flexes and not chunks of products. This has pink glitters with gold flexes which looks pretty on the eyes. I like using this on top of my eye shadows because it isn't overwhelming. I'll try to incorporate this with the looks I wear from day to day. 

A product in pencil form:

          L.A. COLORS Eyeliner/Eyebrow Pencil (Black). Just an ordinary eyeliner pencil. It's not pigmented, it smears, and doesn't last long on my waterline. I picked this one because I'll try to get a good use out of it so I could prepare this for my Project Pan next year. 

A product a carry on your purse: 

          Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder (Nude Beige). I've been using this since last year, but I still can't finish it yet. This product is also included in my Products I Want To Use Up In 2016, which is one of my projects for this year. I think that is product is nice for touch-ups. It's not oil-controlling at all and doesn't lasts all day, as opposed to what it claims. I still like this powder though; it applies smoothly and has SPF 25 (so great for the Summer!)

A product you won't repurchase:

          Careline Oil Control Liquid Make-Up (Oriental). This is the worst makeup product I have tried in my entire life! I have done a First Impressions Review for this product; and I still have the same impression for the last 2 months. It doesn't absorb oil at all and feels really sticky on my skin. I think even people with dry and normal skin wouldn't like the feel of this on the skin. This sucks!

A cruelty free product:

          Human Nature Purifying Face Scrub. I'm sorry if I don't have a picture of this product. I forgot to bring it while I was shooting. Haha! I've talked about this product on my March 2016 Favorites, read the post so would know what this product is all about. :)

          Those are the products I picked up for this month's Project Pan Roulette. I'll give an update towards the end of the month. I will also do a roulette again for May and so on. Are you doing this project too? Let me know your experiences and thoughts regarding this project by leaving a comment. I love talking to my readers and visitors. I will talk to you tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO

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