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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 2016 Loves: Tea, Makeup, Lotion and Brushes!

          Hey, loves! How are you doing? Today, I want to share with you the stuff that I have loved in January. As you have noticed, I haven't done a monthly favorites in a long time. I cannot even remember when was the last time I did something like this. I will talk about products that you have never seen on this blog before, which is really exciting for me. This post does not only features beauty products; including health product, beauty tools and hygiene product. If you are interested on my favorites the previous month, just keep on reading. ☺

          Golden Spoon Banaba Herbal Tea Health Drink (Trial Pack) - Banaba is known to help in loosing weight here in the Philippines. My aunt and cousins drink Banaba Tea on a regular basis and I have seen some improvements on their bodies since the last time I saw. Since we don't have a Banaba tree, I have bought this tea at Robinson's Supermarket to try; to see if this has the same effect on me. I have to say that I whenever I drink this tea, my stomach feels light. I prefer this than the Senna Tea, which gives me an excruciating pain (just exaggerating) before I dispose my waste. Haha! If you are trying to loose weight, I recommend Banaba Tea as an alternative. :) 

          Penshoppe Fairy Dust Pink Dream Body Spray (70 mL) - This is one of the fragrances that seem like to smell really, really sweet because it's pink (I'm so biased), but isn't that sweet. Do you get me, guys? Haha! This smell belongs to the floral family; soft floral with sparkling sensation which results to a powdery scent when it settles on the skin. I think that this scent kind of belongs to the family where the Chanel No. 5 belongs. I love this because it gives me that fresh, baby powder scent that isn't overwhelming. How I wish Penshoppe would make a perfume version of this one. I will the happiest person in whole wide world. Haha! :)

          pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash with Guava Leaf Extract - This is just your basic daily feminine wash. The main reason why is it here on this list is because of the fresh smell of the products. The smell seems refreshing and light. I have used this during my period and I stayed feeling fresh. Okay, enough said. I don't want to expand. Haha!

         GT Carrot Lotion with SPF 60 - This product claims to be whitening, moisturizing, body concealer and sunblock, like a 4 IN 1 product. I have used this since December and I have to say that it does what it claims. I love that this evens my skin tone, feels light weight, gives a smooth feeling on my skin, and has a high level of SPF. I get compliments on my skin every time I use this. People have been asking what soap I use, and I tell them that I just use a lotion. Haha! When you use this product, just make sure that you blend this very well in order not to leave white splotches on your skin. :)

          Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow Trios in Tango - Honestly speaking, I didn't think that Ever Bilena will make good quality eye shadows. Their products are always made from China; I have said before that cheap products from China are pretty poor in quality and is most probably unhealthy for the skin. This particular line of eyeshadow is the bomb; very pigmented, creamy texture, smooth application, blendable, and long lasting. I love this light custard brown shade as my transition color. This shadow gives my eyes a nice gradient effect on my looks. I recommend picking up these matte shadows if you still have access them. I think that they already have discontinued these shadows.

          Avon Perfect Brow Kit in Deep Brown - There's not a single Avon makeup product purchase that I didn't like, and this eyebrow kit is not an exception. I have used this non-stop ever since I got this. This was my first time trying a brow kit with wax and my excitement wasn't disappointed. I love how he was puts my brows in place all throughout the day. The wax serves as the base that makes the powder application easy.  The applicator that comes with this is not the best; the strands are too thick for my taste. I use a flat angled liner brush to apply the powder for a more precise shape. Just don't touch your brows too much when you have this is on because this comes off easily. 

          Target Smudge and Shadow Brush Set - Oh my goodness, these brushes are rock stars! The shadow brush (bigger one) is good for applying colors on the crease, especially on blending. I love that the size of this brush fits my almond-shaped eyes perfectly. I have used this non-stop the first I tried this. The smudge brush have also blown my mind away. This is perfect for blending harsh eyeshadow application on the lower waterline. This makes the shadow give soft focus effect on shadows. I recommend getting this set because these are must haves. 

          San San High Definition Foundation with SPF 30 in Beige - I think I found the perfect foundation for my light yellow skin. This foundation shade blends into my skin excellently, like a second layer of my skin. Basing on my experience, this gives me a medium to full coverage. This has a thick, mousse-like consistency with a bearable sweet scent. I think that this perfect for people with a minimum amount of blemish on their face because this is definitely high definition. Once you apply this on your skin, this gives a semi-matte finish that emphasizes details on your face. I suggest using a good primer that fills in pores before using this product. This foundation would be great for photo shoots, I say. 

          Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow/Liner in Naturally Glamorous - I love this specific rustic brown shadow as my crease color on most of my eye looks. This gives a deeper, different look on my eyes which I really enjoy nowadays. If you'll ask me two years ago if I will use this on my crease, I will definitely say no. This shadows is more on the red side, making it look vampy. I have a change of heart as I have said. I love this shade now and this is most used out of the other shades on this palette.

           Those are my favorites for the month of January. As I have promised, most of these products are new to this blog because I never talked about them until now. What products have you been loving currently? Please let us now by leaving a comment down below. Let's share good products and give them more love that they deserve. I hope you enjoyed this post and follow this blog if you are interested for more updates. I'm still thinking on what to post next so stay tuned. I will talk to you soon. Thank you so much for visiting this blog. Have a great day. Stay safe. XOXO

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