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Sunday, May 4, 2014

✰☮✰__April 2014 Favorites__✰☮✰

          Hi! It's been months since I posted about beauty products. Isn't that crazy? Sorry, my bad. :) I can't believe that April flew away too fast. What happened? Have I fallen asleep for weeks or what? Haha! Anyways, today I will share about new-in-my-stash-this-year beauty products. Some of them I have been using since January and some were just recently bought. These are not a lot, you know, I don't like being repetitive with the products I post. Plus, I got a new hair color which will be shown at the bottom part. ;)

Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on in Natural
          This guy is amazing. It works great; it can be a skincare and makeup product at the same time. It's pretty new on the drugstore, I think this was released on the market on January. Watsons had a 30% discount on all of the Garnier products back then. I was curious about the brand so I hauled some on their items. Going back to the topic (hehe), this eye roll-on made the unwanted pigmentation (small dots) and fine lines on my undereye disappear. I was surprised when I checked my eyes one time. This does not really lighten the dark circles. I don't know, maybe it's just only me. The consistency of the product is thin; the shade is a little bit light. I apply this on my circles before concealer. The coverage is light so I need some more cover. I think this is a BB Cream for the eyes. I recommend storing it on a glass or something that stands to avoid spillage. Check this one. It's great.
San San Age Defense Lipstick in 03
         The only lipstick I use since March. I'm obsessed! It's the perfect peachy nude lip color for me. It makes any make up look I make stand out. The formula is thick with some silver shimmers. The smell reminds me of a chocolate. This is a great match for my new hair color. Yay! ^_^ How I wish this long lasting. 

AVON Cosmic Glimmerstick in Galactic Green
          This is the most jaw-dropping, beautiful colored eyeliner I've ever seen yet. I'm not kidding, I promise. It's a mossy dark green with mutli-colored glitters. It is indeed galactical! Avon, how did you come up with this? It's magnetizing! It's not long-wearing on the waterline, but it also does not make me look like a vampire when it wears off. I mainly use this on my upper lash line and it looks good with taupe eye shadows. Hopefully I can make a tutorial featuring this rock star. \m/

Sivanna Colors Waterproof Mascara
          My new favorite mascara -- Sivanna Colors. The application does really look natural, but not full. I love how it does not clump and stays all day long. It's perfect for office, where you don't need spidy lashes (Gosh!). My only complaint is that the mouth of the tube is too big. Unnecessary excess can't be avoided even with a stopper. A little bit annoying. 
Wish Sky Blue Nail Polish
          The only color I wore on my nails for the month of April. Warning: This is very addicting! I kept on looking my nails all the time because it looks cute, adorable and totally irresistible. This is not my favorite shade of blue but it totally rocks. Perfect for spring/summer. Love. Love. Love. 

          This my new hair color. Very light brown with blonde highlights. I apologize for the injustice made by my camera. This looks lighter during daytime. What do you think, guys? Do you like it? :)

         What are your beauty products? Do you have any recommendations? Please leave a comment. I would love to know. :) Anyways, I started joining Zumba, like dance exercises. It's fun and I will come back this night. It's held on our town plaza. I think Zumba is popular on Philippines, being held nationwide. You should join, guys. Let's start getting fit and healthy. :) Have a nice day. Stay safe. XOXO 

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