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Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Style: Bohemian Themed Day Party (Employee's Day)

          Fashion is a hit or miss for me. It's something that I do too personally, bringing out my own style. To tell you honestly, I don't go with trends.They will cease anyways  I always buy classic and basic pieces that I could match with anything. I could boring and plain with fashion at times. "Comfort over fashion" is my motto. It depends on my mood too. There are days that I just want to be stocked with jeans, hoodies and sneakers for a while. There are days that I'm feeling the vibes to dress up and be girly. I'm not high-maintenance when it comes to fashion. 

         Last March 7, we had our Employee's Day as part of out institution's Foundation Week. I don't know I haven't told you yet but I work as Guidance Staff and Scholarship Coordinator. :) The theme was Bohemian, which is kind of my style. I decided not to by clothes for this party because I have lots of printed stuff on my wardrobe. I'm thrifty, you know. Haha! 

          This is the overall look of my outfit. Since I wanted to dress-up, I made preparations. I scouted for Boho items for weeks for me to create the look I wanted to wear. The Aztec-print, high-low dress was first seen on my the Mini Fashion Haul post. I love the quality of this piece even though it was pretty cheap. A little baggy, but didn't mess up with my wide physique. I love how flowy this dress is. I'll post more pictures at the bottom. :) *I'm sorry for the awkward pose. Not my thing.

          These wedges were from Shoes Unlimited, a local brand, bought from Robinson's Department Store. Originally, the price was Php 1,499.75 but it was on sale for 50% off. Yay! I saved money again. Red is not my thing but this particular pair caught my attention and eventually my heart. The color combination looks really hot and unique. The taupe shade tones down the hotness of the red, the floral printed heels make this appropriate for Bohemian fashion. By the way, this is most probably 7 inches high. I was able to rock this the whole day, running errands. Isn't it amazing? 

        Accessories were my biggest dilemma in constructing this outfit. I actually bought a lot, I went crazy over these. I opted to wear this feather necklace with chains and faux diamonds. A little bit edgy put totally went good with the dress. For the ring, picked s stretchable one with brown bead stones. This is really random but I loved the outcome. For the earrings, I chose to wear crescent moon, gypsy-like, dangling pair. I find these really adorable. All of these are from Shop & Match

       Since my hair is already wavy, I didn't do anything about it. It's already Bohemian in nature. I lent my  hairband to my friend because it annoys me. It looks perfect on her though. I kept my makeup simple; my eye look was neutral and made my lips pop with fuchsia. I'm sorry for the blurred photo. :)

      Did you like this post? Want more fashion posts? Please tell me. I'll make more and hopefully will improve the contents. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day ahead! Stay safe. :) XOXO



  1. nice outfit and necklace...
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    1. Thanks, Kimc! I checked your blog. It's cute. :) Thanks for following back. XOXO