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Saturday, April 19, 2014

☼☂☼ Mini Summer Getaway Haul ☼☂☼

        Hi! How's your Holy Week, guys? Any plans for Easter Sunday? My mom said we'll go to the beach tomorrow. I'm excited! It's been like forever since my last trip on the beach. Speaking of water, last Thursday (Maundy Thursday), me and my office mates went to a tour on a research institution and on a resort for a swimming trip.  It was quick plan since all of our planned trips were postponed due to a lot of circumstances. We've been stressed out by the enrollment and we just wanted a refreshing break from the endless works. It was the only day we are free so we grabbed the opportunity. Summer is already here in the Philippines. I tell you, it's freakin' hot in here even at nights. 

      Since I lost weight, my favorite swimsuit was already loose on me and I needed to buy a new one. I was on a budget (as always) but I needed a good quality piece of swim wear. My friends told me that we should go to Gaisano Mall, it's the nearest one from our office, and look for outfits that we'll wear on the trip. As I was browsing the swim wear section, I saw a pair that immediately caught my attention. It was not a regular two-piece, not the ones you normally see.

       The top looks like a racer back bra with ruffled sleeves which extends at the top of the stomach. The bottom looks like cinched skater skirt. Totally cute and is decent at all! It has good quality, manufactured from a Japanese company and is originally 285 Yen. I think this one of the old stocks that wasn't sold and was delivered here. Another jackpot for me. :) The pattern resembles red and yellow strawberries hanging on stems. Seems tropical and is perfect for summer.

     I bought this pair of royal blue slippers to match my tropical swimsuit. Aren't they cute? :D Anyways, I'll post about our tour next. I hope you'll stay tuned. I need to get ready for the High Mass. Have a happy summer. Stay safe. Enjoy! :) XOXO

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