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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 08: Top 3 Favorite Clothing Brands

       Ola! :) How are you, my dear readers? As you know, if you have been reading my blog posts, I'm already working. My schedule is very hectic nowadays since I'm also enrolled at a Graduate School. Sunday is the only day I have to do other matters. I will be honest with you, I might be inactive again. But, I'm never ever going to abandon this blog like what I did at my previous one. Haha! :) I'm still getting used to this busy routine, but I know I'm gonna make it. It just needs a little bit of adjustment. 

       Today, I will be posting about my top 3 favorite clothing brands as part of the 30 Day Beauty Blog Post Challenge. These brands that I'm about to feature can all be found all over the Philippines. 

Check there clothes out: Kamiseta Online
        First on my list is Kamiseta. They sell everyday basic clothes and limited edition pieces designed by some known designers. Their clothes are always unique, girly, and approriate for all ages. I know clothes in this store is expensive, ranging from Php 3000 - 500 (estimation only). But, once they have a sale, it's going crazy. Their branch at SM North Edsa always have a sale on all of their items, from 50%-70% off. Isn't that amazing?

Check there clothes out: Bayo Clothing
        My top 2 is Bayo, this brand could be found everywhere. They are really growing big. Their clothes are perfect for work, if you are a career woman you will appreciate their designs. They also give 50% discount seasonally.

Check there clothes out: Crissa Jeans
       If you are looking for affordable jeans that doesn't strectch and fade easily, definitely for for Crissa. They're jeans lasts for years with minimal fading only. I have a ankle-fit skinny pants from them, I use it all the time, but it didn't strecth at all. I actually featured it on one of my ootds, here: First OOTD: Pink Plaid and Skinny Jeans | June 07, 2013 .

Random Ramblings:
  • I was watching beauty videos when I remembered a certain vlogger. So I searched for her and immediately re-subscribed. I was scanning her videos when I stumbled upon on this certain video of hers talking about what happened to the Philippines. It made me cry because her message was so touching. See it for yourself. She's indeed beautiful inside and out. 

       Thanks for reading. Have a Blessed Sunday to all of you. Stay safe. XOXO and lots of love.

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