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Name: Sylden Christine Hena
Nickname: Syld, Denden, Tiffany, Baby Fats, Inday (Family). Call me whatever you want. :)
Age: 23
Birth date: August 07, 1992
Ethnicity: Filipino with Chinese and Spanish descents
Favorite Colors: Blue, Brown, Mint Green
Hobbies and Interests: Makeup, Beauty products, Writing, Cooking, Reading, Music, Watching in cinemas alone, Cross stitch, Blogging, Surfing the net, Playing games, Taking photographs, Traveling, Fashion
Degree/s: B.S. Psychology and M.A. in Guidance and Counseling (On-going)

         Hi, I'm Sylden, the author of this blog. Welcome to my little world of beauty and fashion! I've been in this blogging community for 5 years now and I've made websites since 2008. I used to makes graphics, but then I decided to stop because it's no longer "IN" due to the viral and addictive charisma Facebook. Just kidding! :D I had a previous beauty and fashion blog called Mistaken Glance. I replaced MG because it was been inactive for 11 months and I also wanted a fresh start. It will taken down soon, after I finished reposting some posts from there. 

         In here, you will find anything beauty and fashion related posts like hauls, reviews, swatches, tutorials/do-it-yourself, ootds/notds,fotds, tips and many more. I'm doing my very best to make this site productive, informative, honest, integrative,  and reader friendly. Please bear with me as I'm just starting with this blog and I'm a little bit busy outside the internet. 

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