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Sunday, February 15, 2015

First Impressions Review: Etude House I Need You Bamboo Mask

              Happy Valentine's, my lovely readers and guests! How did you day went on? Mine was really great. :) Today, I am posting about my very first "First Impressions Review". My aim for 2015 is to do more reviews on beauty products to share my thoughts on blogosphere. If you are interested on this post, keep on reading. :)

               Beauty mask sheet is not a usual part of my skincare routine. In fact, I don't think that I have a concrete skincare routine. Yes, I admit that. The only products on my face are cleansers, scrubs and toners. I don't use creams because they make my face feel heavy and sticky, considering that I have only skin. I was kind of neglecting the needs of my skin, which resulted to a flaky and at the same time greasy skin. 

           Going back to December, me and my cousin were strolling inside SM North Edsa and I remembered that Etude House had 30% off on all their items nationwide. I was planning to get some makeup items but all of the products I wanted were sold out. I was too shy not to get anything because the sales lady was following me. Haha! So, I picked up 4 of their masks and I will be reviewing them one by one. The first mask I tried was this I Need You Bamboo Mask


              My skin was flaky and feels dry because of the cold weather experienced by Philippines during the month of January. It looks worse than the picture. I took this before taking a bath so that you could really see the condition of my face. 

Putting it on:

           *Please excuse the wrong position. I was new to this. Haha! #awkward :D

           Upon putting it on my face, it gave a cooling sensation. It's like putting bits of ice on your face in a good way. The extract has a thick consistency but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. The smells is nice. 


              After 10 minutes of soaking it, I removed the mask. I massaged the remaining extract on my face so my skin could suck it. Then I washed my face to remove the residue. My skin felt clean and smooth; the oil on my skin was completely gone. I was happy even more because my skin was oil-free for a couple of hours. 

Overall Evaluation:

             This mask sheet is a must-try and is suitable for all skin types. What's good about this is that it has natural ingredients which is good for the skin. I would love to use this again. This is only Php 58. So affordable!

Overall Rating:


            How did my post go? Do you want more first impressions review? Please let me know. You are always welcome to leave a comment. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great day ahead! XOXO

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