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Sunday, November 30, 2014

♌♥♕22nd Birthday♌♥♕ - Outfit + Updates

        Hello! How are you, my loves? I have been away for so long, almost 4 months! Gosh, I'm really really sorry for the inactivity. I have done this for so many times, but there were things happened the past few months that I need to prioritize. The main reason is that I got a job, I'm currently working at a National Government Agency. I'm not really sure if I could mention the department where I'm currently connected to, but maybe at least I can say what my position is. Hehe, :) I'm hired as a Regional Training Assistant, I basically co-facilitate various trainings and at times I host them. My life has been very busy with this work, I travel from different provinces from time to time to conduct series of training together with the other staff. I'm explaining this to you because I know that I need to justify my non-stop absence. :D The other reason of my inactivity was that the charger of my camera was misplaced. And then, its battery is giving up real soon. I hope I could find the time to buy a new battery so I could do more posts. 

     I celebrated my 22nd birthday last August, like 3 months ago. Haha! Geez. I feel old. :D Anyways, there's nothing much special with this post. I'll just share my birthday outfit because I'm obliging my self to update this blog. If you are interested, please go on. :)

        I didn't do much anything on my birthday. Me and my family went to the mall and strolled around, ate snacks then went home. My mom bought me a cake from Red Ribbon. I forgot what flavor. Sorry, my bad. Haha! :) The funny thing about this cake is that I was the one who told the staff on what dedication she should write on. Mom was too lazy to think of the message. :D

        For my birthday, I chose to wear something really bold, colorful and semi-bohemian. Let me tell you, this get-up was striking. Everybody was looking at my direction, like I was some kind of celebrity or what. I'm not even joking. Haha! What's with the people that day? I apologize for the awkward pose, I got nobody to take a picture of me. I used the timer on my camera. Haha! And in all fairness, I look petite on this photo. I think the filter compressed it. As you can see, I was wearing a crimson cotton cami and layered it with a lacy-floral chiffon vest on top. I wore a solid bright blue skinny fit pants and red wedges, which I have also posted on My Style: Bohemian Themed Day Party

        I got this vest from a thrift shop called Magarbo. It doesn't have a tag on it so I can't tell you the brand of this. I got this for Php 80. 

        This spaghetti-strapped top was also bought from the same store. This was from GAP, which we all know is an expensive brand. So this was a jackpot for the price of Php 80! Haha! I love the feel of this clothing, it's cotton. 

      And this was my face for my big day. My camera didn't pick my makeup. My hair was just simple and messy. Haha! :)

       This was my "22" post.  I felt awkward at that moment because the people at the fountain were actually staring. Haha! 

      Did you like my outfit? Please let me know. I will be posting about my first purchase at ZALORA real soon. They are currently having a huge pre-holiday sale. Hurry up! :) I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment if you have any message. I'll to talk to you soon. Stay safe, my gorgeous readers and guests. XOXO
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